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Excessive Fee Suit Targeting Fujitsu Results in $14 Million Settlement
Reconsidering Revenue Sharing to Pay Retirement Plan Costs
General Electric 401(k) Lawsuits Poised for Law Firm Battle
FINRA Says BB&T Overcharged Retirement Plans, Charities
Union Fund Hit with Excessive Fee Suit
Meet the Law Firms Fighting 401(k), Health Plan Class Actions
Union Retirement Plan Latest Target of 401(k) Fee Litigation
How Do 401(k) Participants Really React to Fee Levelization?
Retirement Plan Participants' Claim Survives Motion to Dismiss by American Airlines
21% of Investment Managers Plan to Lower Fees
Participants Say More Information About Plan Investment Fees Would Be Useful
Text of Amicus Brief to First Circuit: Plan Sponsor's Fiduciary Duty Should Be Assessed in Terms of Process Rather Than Hindsight Results
Wells Fargo Requires Advisers to Use Level Fees for New 401(k) Business
Why Performance Fees Are Banned for Most Financial Advisors
Nordstrom Plan Participant Claims 401(k) Plan Fees No Bargain
[Opinion] Fiduciary Rule Fallout: Increasing the Cost of Retirement
Chamber Backs Mandatory Arbitration of Employee Benefit Issues
Plan Sponsor Fee Litigation Cases on the Rise (PDF)
Wells Fargo Gets Industry Support in Appeal Challenging Use of In-House Target Date Funds
Xerox Nixes Challenge to Robo-Adviser Fees in Ford 401(k) Plans
District Court Halts Some Portions of Challenge to MIT DC Plan
Interesting Angles on the DOL's Fiduciary Rule, Part 66
Plaintiff's Attorneys to Get Almost $6 Million from Tibble v. Edison Challenge to Plan Investment Fees
Prudential Beats Appeal Over Alleged 401(k) Kickback Scheme
Which 403(b) Plans Are Good Fee Levelization Candidates?
What a Fiduciary Should Know: Down and Dirty with 'Clean' Shares
MIT Must Defend Lawsuit Over Excessive Fees in Retirement Plan
Fee Litigation Sets Sights on Corporate Retirement Plans
ERISA Excess Fee Litigation: Waiting for the Deluge
Average 403(b) Fees: How Do Your Plan Expenses Measure Up?
GE Hit with Lawsuit Over Fees in Its $28 Billion 401(k)
University of Chicago Can't Escape Retirement Plan Lawsuit
Fidelity Prevails in Suit Over Investment Costs, Robo-Adviser Fees
University of Pennsylvania Prevails in 403(b) Fee Suit
Jerry Schlichter's Fee Lawsuits Have Left an Indelible Mark on the 401(k) Industry
Wells Fargo Beats ERISA Challenge Over Cross-Selling Scandal
Novitex Sued Over 401(k) Plan Fees, Not First Modest Plan Hit
Selecting a DC Plan Recordkeeper: Is Cheaper Always Better? (PDF)
Gucci Sued Over 401(k) Plan Fees, Transamerica Funds
Essentia Health Loses Round in Lawsuit Over Retirement Plan Fees
Attack on University Section 403(b) Retirement Plans: Litigation Update
ERISA's 'Reasonable Fee' Requirement
Texas Teacher Retirement System Adjusts Proposed 403(b) Rule Amendments
Lawsuit Alleges Voya Charged Big Fees to Small 401(k)
MIT Retirement Plan Lawsuit Over Excessive Fees Advances
Seven Year Streak of Falling Corporate DC Plan Fees Ends
Most Plan Sponsors Remain Highly Satisfied with Their Plan Advisors, But About One-Third May Be at Risk
Tibble v. Edison: Lessons for Plan Fiduciaries (PDF)
Excessive Fee Suit Alleges Fiduciary 'Abdication'
Bank of America Corp., Others Named in Antitrust Lawsuit Filed by Public Pension Systems
DOL to Withdraw Proposal for Guide to Help Understand Fee Disclosures
Excessive Fee Suit Alleges Fiduciary 'Abdication'
Corporate DC Plans Report Flat Fees
Retirement Plan Fees Level Out. How Does Your 401(k) Compare?
10 Years Later: The Pendulum Swings Back in Tibble v. Edison International
[Opinion] High Fees Flourish When Good 401(k) Advisors Do Nothing
Three Pension Funds Sue Major Banks in Stock Loan Case
[Guidance Overview] Everything You Wanted to Know About BICE But Were Afraid to Ask (PDF)
District Court Rules in Favor of Plaintiffs on Retail-Priced Investments
Tibble's Trials Nearly Over, with a District Court Win

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