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DC Plan Administrator

The Benefit Advantage
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DC Plan Administrator
Heritage Administrative Services, LLC
(Woodbury NY)
Retirement Plan Administrator

Group RHI
Defined Contribution Plan Specialist

(Alpharetta GA / AL / NC / Telecommute)
Defined Benefit Plan Administrator

AimPoint Pension
ESOP Administrator

Blue Ridge ESOP Associates
(VA / Telecommute)
Pension Systems Administrator
DeMars Pension Consulting Services, Inc.
(Overland Park KS)

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Why the Road to Zero-Revenue Sharing Can Be Bumpy
Supreme Court May Resolve Key ERISA Statute of Limitations and Proprietary Fund Litigation Questions
The Fiduciary Breach Lawsuits: Lessons Learned
Can Your Plan Participants Find the Cost of Their Retirement Plan Investment Fees?
Pensions Are Paying Billions in 'Unnecessary' Private Real Estate Fees
Recordkeeping Fees Under the Microscope
What Your 401(k) Investment Committee Should Be Doing
[Opinion] A Focus on Fees: Seven Years Later
Warning Signs Your 401(k) Provider Is Ripping You Off
Morgan Stanley Wins Fiduciary Breach Lawsuit Over Investment Fees and Performance
Second Circuit Revives Excessive Fee Suit Against Investment Advisor
Full-Blown, Dirt-Cheap Retirement Robos Lay Siege to 'Antiquated' Target Date Funds Market
Determining Reasonableness of Retirement Plan Fees (PDF)
401(k) Lawsuits Get More Complex
CareerBuilder Sued by Former 401(k) Participant Alleging ERISA Violations
[Opinion] What I Learned from Reading My Retirement Plan Fee Disclosure
Case Study: Focus on Fees, Fairness, and the Future
No Class Certification in Nationwide Asset-Based Fee Suit
Are 401(k) Advice Fees Headed to Zero?
Court Won't Dismiss Claim Alleging Imprudent Selection of Funds Offered to Lowe's Participants
The Importance of Implementing Best Practice Standards for Investment Fees
Fiduciary Responsibility and Mutual Fund Fees
Lawsuit Accuses H-E-B of Mismanaging Employee Retirement Plan
Custom Portfolio Fees, Allocations Questioned in ERISA Complaint
[Opinion] Severability in the Regulation of Financial Planning Fees
How Many Small Business Owners Accidentally Trap Themselves with This Treacherous 401(k) Fiduciary Conflict?
The Correct Approach for Controlling Retirement Plan Fees (PDF)
Texas 403(b) Law Causes Adviser Concern Over Investor Protection
Vendor Fees: The Importance of RFPs
401(k) Fee Study: What Does a Fiduciary-Grade Advisor Cost?
Revenue Sharing: Reasons for 401(k) Fiduciaries to Avoid It
Ongoing Concerns for Plan Sponsors
Fiduciary Breach Lawsuits: Asset-Based vs. Per-Participant Fees
Fidelity at Center of New Strategy for ERISA Breach Lawsuits
The Economics of Providing 401(k) Plans: Services, Fees and Expenses, 2018 (PDF)
Fidelity Says It's Entitled to Alleged 'Secret Payments' in 401(k) Plans
BlackRock Employees Seek Class Certification in $100M ERISA Suit
Third Circuit Carries on the Judicial Debate Over Level of Specificity Needed in ERISA Fee Complaint
Reimbursement of Direct Expenses: Ninth Circuit Upholds Decision in City National
CalSTRS's Plan to Reduce Investment Management Fees
A Conversation with ERISA Litigator Jerry Schlichter: Cross-Selling in the Crosshairs?
Zero Expense Ratio Investment Funds Coming
Small 401(k) Plan Faces Excessive Fee Lawsuit
A New Fight Breaks Out Over 401(k) Fees
Switching 401(k) Providers? Avoid These Costly Surprises
Index Investing Strategy: There May Be Better Options
Plaintiffs Get Reprieve in University 403(b) Excessive Fee Case
401(k) Mutual Funds: Pay Attention to Share Class!
Fee War Saved Investors Billions Last Year
Ninth Circuit Opinion: City National Violated ERISA by Setting Own Fees as Recordkeeper (PDF)
[Opinion] It's Too Easy to Conceal 401(k) Fees -- We Need 408(b)-2 Reform
[Opinion] The Cost-Efficiency Standard: Streamlining the ERISA 401(k)/403(b) Litigation Process
Fee Disparity Linked to Size of Defined Contribution Plans
Parties Propose $23.65 Million Settlement in Anthem 401(k) Excessive Fee Lawsuit
Pay to Play Lawsuits: Issues for Plan Sponsors
[Official Guidance] Massachusetts Division of Securities: Request for Comments on Proposed Amendments to Investment Adviser Disclosure Regs
Putnam Investments Reply Brief on Petition for Writ of Certiorari (PDF)
Annuity Market Pricing Approaches (PDF)
Oracle Granted Partial Summary Judgment in 401(k) Fees/Investment Option Case
Paying the Plan Expenses of an ESOP: Best Practices
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