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The Economics of Providing 401(k) Plans: Services, Fees, and Expenses, 2017 (PDF)
Fidelity Lowers Fees on Some Target Date Funds
BofA Weighs Allowing Commissions on Merrill Lynch Retirement Accounts
Northwestern University Defeats 403(b) Lawsuit
Northwestern University Beats 403(b) Excessive Fees Case
Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Alleging Mismanaged Retirement Plans by Northwestern University
University of Chicago Settles Fee Lawsuit
Administrative Fee-Leveling to Impact Penn State Retirement Program Participants
Excessive Fee Suit Targets TIAA Arrangement
Why Plan Sponsors Should Regularly Benchmark Retirement Plan Investments
Philips North America Agrees to Pay $17 Million, Make 401(k) Reforms to Settle Fiduciary Breach Case
Is Excessive Fee Litigation Headed for Its Dudenhoeffer? (PDF)
Wells Fargo Improperly Kept a Pension Fund's Fee Rebates
[Opinion] Including High-Fee Funds Not Necessarily a Breach of Fiduciary Duty
Many Small-Business Leaders Express Limited Knowledge of Retirement Plan Fees
Advisors, Sponsors Cutting 401(k) Fees
Applying the Test of Prudence to Fee Benchmarking and Competitive Bidding (PDF)
Trends in the Expenses and Fees of Funds, 2017 (PDF)
[Official Guidance] Text of DOL Field Assistance Bulletin No. 2018-01: Proxy Voting, Shareholder Engagement, and Economically Targeted Investments
AARP Wants Great-West's 401(k) Victory Reversed
NYU to Begin Trial Over Retirement Plan Mismanagement Claims
Text of New Jersey Proposed Legislation to Require Teacher Retirement Plan Fee Disclosure
First Round of Robo-Advisor Fee Litigation Goes to Record-Keepers
Revenue Sharing Simplified
Paying 401(k) Fees from Plan Assets
Yale University Must Defend Challenge to Retirement Plan Fees
[Opinion] Constructing 'The Best' 401(k) Investment Menu? Really?
Court Dismisses Fiduciary Breach Claims Against Aon Hewitt with Respect to Financial Engines Arrangement
Edward Jones Can't Escape 401(k) Fee Class Action
Understanding and Evaluating Retirement Plan Fees
Aon Beats Challenge to 401(k) Robo-Adviser Fees
Prudential, Morningstar Beat Robo-Adviser Lawsuit
Cost-Cutting Takes Precedence in Competitive Environment
Evaluating Average DC Plan Fees
Ninth Circuit Finds 401(k) Service Providers Owe No Fiduciary Duty with Respect to Negotiating Their Fee Compensation
More 401(k) Plans Moving Away from Revenue-Sharing Model
Ninth Circuit: Plan Service Provider Not Subject to Fiduciary Duties When Negotiating Fees or Collecting Predetermined Compensation
401(k) Fiduciaries: Is It Time to Hone Your Processes?
How Low Can 401(k) Advisory Fees Go?
Wells Fargo's Wealth Management Unit Attracts Justice Department Attention
Interesting Angles on the DOL's Fiduciary Rule, Part 81
NYU Workers Can't Bring Second Lawsuit Over Retirement Plans
Ninth Circuit Opinion: Service Provider Is Not an ERISA Fiduciary with Respect to Plan Fees (PDF)
Retirement Plan Best Practices: Plan Monitoring (PDF)
Making Sure Your Plan's 401(k) and 403(b) Fees Are 'Necessary' and 'Reasonable'
Making Sure 401(k) and 403(b) Fees Are 'Necessary' and 'Reasonable'
Fee Benchmarking Rises, But Does It Matter?
[Guidance Overview] What Is 'Reasonable' Compensation for a Broker-Dealer or Advisor?
Benchmarking: It Isn't Just for Fees Anymore
70,000 Oracle Workers Get Class Status in 401(k) Fee Case
Lower Fees May Not Mean Added Retirement Savings
Mutual of Omaha Sued Over Affiliated Funds in 401(k) Plan
Retirement Plan Best Practices
Text of District Court Order Dismissing Participant's Excessive Fee Claim Against Capital Group (PDF)
New Excessive Fee Litigators Emerge
Using Plan Assets to Pay 401(k) Fees? Reasons to Consider Payment by Plan Sponsor Instead
Pensions Are Still Hiding from the Truth
401(k) Fees: Best Practices for Plan Sponsors
DC Plan Sponsors Continue Focus on Fees
Lawsuit Moves Forward Over University of Chicago Retirement Plan Expenses

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