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How to Correct an Accidentally Overfunded 401(k) Match
ERISA Class Actions Settlements Cost Employers Nearly $1 Billion in 2017
[Guidance Overview] April 1, 2018 Is Fast Approaching -- Are Your Disability Claims Procedures Ready?
What is a Solo 401(k) Plan?
[Guidance Overview] Congress Eases Restrictions on Hardship Withdrawals
Seventh Circuit to Plan Participants: File Suit Immediately or Lose De Novo Review
Corrections and Substantive Fixes Needed with Respect to Employee Benefit Changes Made by the 2017 Tax Act
[Guidance Overview] Recent Legislation Impacts Retirement Plans
Prior to Distribution, ESOP Lacked 'Actual Knowledge' of Participant's Developmental Disability
[Guidance Overview] Going Up But Never Down: 2018 ERISA Penalties
How to Respond to DOL Pension Plan Investigatory Findings
New Tax Law Creates Uncertainty for Some Hardship Distributions
[Guidance Overview] New DOL Regs Require Changes to Plan Claims Procedures
Are Your Plan Files Complete? What an Auditor Will Want to See
Q&A: Retirement Plans and Cybersecurity
Budget Bill Affects Retirement Plans and Retirees -- Plan Amendments Expected
[Official Guidance] Text of PBGC Interest Rate Update for Benefits Payable in Terminated Single-Employer Plans, March 2018
[Guidance Overview] Budget Deal Includes Retirement Plan Changes (PDF)
2017 in Review: ERISA Guidance and Enforcement (PDF)
[Official Guidance] Text of IRS Notice 2018-16: Weighted Average Interest Rates, Yield Curves, and Segment Rates Applicable for February 2018 (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] Impact of Recent Legislation on 401(k) Hardship Withdrawals
[Guidance Overview] Budget Act Contains Retirement Plan Changes
[Official Guidance] Text of IRS Notice of Proposed Rulemaking: Eliminating Unnecessary Tax Regulations
[Guidance Overview] 401(k) Hardship and Retirement Plan Rollover Rules Modified By the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 with Rapid Effective Dates
Budget Proposal Seeks Hike in Multiemployer PBGC Premiums
An Annual Retirement Plan 'Check-Up' May Be Just What the Doctor Ordered!
[Guidance Overview] Liberalized Hardship Withdrawals and California Wildfire Relief in Budget Act
[Official Guidance] Text of PBGC Notice of Modified Systems of Records; Rescinded System of Records; System of Records.
Best Practices: 401(k) Loan Policy
Plan Limitations Period That Was Not Disclosed in Benefit Denial Letter Is Unenforceable
The Educated Fiduciary: How to Up Your Game
Seventh Circuit: ERISA Does Not Preempt State 'Slayer Statute'
Two-Year Budget Deal Will Impact Employer Plans
Budget Brings Pension and Health Care Relief (PDF)
Budget Act Includes Qualified Retirement Plan Provisions
[Guidance Overview] No Further Delays for Enhanced Disability Claims Procedures
2018 Key Administrative Dates and Deadlines for Calendar-Year Defined Contribution Plans (PDF)
2017 Pension Plan Report Card
Don't Make These 'Rookie Mistakes' When Calculating Service!
Making Sure 401(k) and 403(b) Fees Are 'Necessary' and 'Reasonable'
Tax Bill Affects ERISA Settlements
[Official Guidance] Text of PBGC Submission to OMB and Public Comment Request: Termination of Single-Employer Plans, Missing Participants
What Is Driving Strong M&A Activity in the Benefit Brokerage Market?
DC Participants with 401(k)s and HSAs Have Higher Savings Rates for 401(k) and Overall
401(k) Plan Documents: Keeping All Your Ducks in a Row
[Guidance Overview] Potential 'Gotchas' with the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
How Tax Reform Could Influence Defined Benefit Funding Decisions in 2018
[Official Guidance] Text of PBGC Request for Public Comments on Proposed Changes to Survey of Nonparticipating Single Premium Group Annuity Rates
A Simple Guide for Meeting 401(k) Fiduciary Responsibilities
[Guidance Overview] 2018 Pension Plan Limitations: IRS Confirms No Changes Due to Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017
[Guidance Overview] PBGC's Missing Participants Program Now Available to Defined Contribution Plans (PDF)
Financial Benefit Trends to Watch in 2018
IRS Wants Hurricane Distributions Reported as Penalty Tax Exception on 2017 Forms 1099-R
Decision-Making Best Practices for 401(k) Plans
The Plan Committee: Common Problems
Give Plan Participants What They Need to Boost Retirement Confidence
Benchmarking: It Isn't Just for Fees Anymore
Steps for Making Employee Benefits a Year-Round Conversation
[Guidance Overview] Overpayments to Plan Participants: Collateral Damage from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
CalPERS Raises Pensionable Compensation Caps for 2018

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