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DC Plan Administrator
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Ret plans - amendments required, incl. EGTRRA

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[Official Guidance] Text of IRS Notice 2019-64: 2019 Required Amendments List for Qualified Retirement Plans and Section 403(b) Retirement Plans (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] Important New Requirement Buried in New 403(b) Remedial Amendment Period Rules
A Closer Look at 403(b) Remedial Amendment System Guidance
IRS Creates Program for 403(b) Plan Document Compliance
Some Retirement Plans Need 2019 Year-End Amendments
[Guidance Overview] Treasury Official Provides Favorable Interpretation of 401(k) Hardship Amendment Deadlines for Volume Submitter and Prototype Plans (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] Final Hardship Regs: What You Need to Know
[Guidance Overview] IRS Finalizes Hardship Distribution Regs (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] New Disaster Relief and Expanded Sources Available for Hardship Distributions
[Guidance Overview] IRS Revenue Procedure 2019-39 Establishes Recurring Remedial Amendment Periods for 403(b) Plans
The Restatement Requirement for Defined Benefit Plans: FAQs for Employers Adopting a Pre-Approved Plan
[Guidance Overview] IRS Finalizes Changes in Hardship Distribution Rules
[Guidance Overview] Time-Limited IRS Determination Letter Program Open for Individually-Designed Cash Balance and Other Statutory Hybrid Plans
[Official Guidance] Text of IRS Rev. Proc. 2019-39: Remedial Amendment Periods for Correcting Form Defects in 403(b) Plans (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] Final Hardship Distribution Regs: Key Changes and Deadlines for Plan Sponsors
401(k) Amendment Rules Are Strict, But Mostly Straightforward
Deadline Approaching for 403(b) Plan Document Restatements
IRS Now Accepting Some Determination Letter Applications
[Guidance Overview] Time Is Running Out for 403(b) Plan Sponsors to Secure Retroactive Relief
IRS Expands Determination Letter Program for Retirement Plans (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] Limited Expansion of the Determination Letter Program: Is Your Plan Eligible for Review?
[Guidance Overview] IRS Determination Letters Are Back in Play for Certain Ongoing Plans (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] A Welcome Expansion: IRS Resuscitates Determination Letter Program
[Guidance Overview] Plan Sponsors of Cash Balance, PEP Plans and Certain Merged Retirement Plans Can Apply for an IRS Determination Letter, Starting September 1, 2019
[Guidance Overview] Plan Problems: What's New With Self Correction and VCP?
[Guidance Overview] IRS Expands Determination Letter Program for Certain Hybrid and Merged Plans
[Guidance Overview] Updated EPCRS Expands Self-Correction Opportunities for Retirement Plan Sponsors
[Guidance Overview] The Art of Self-Correction: Retirement Plan Loan and Document Failures Under EPCRS
The IRS Determination Letter Program Reopens (a Little) for More Business
IRS Provides Welcome Relief from High VCP Fees
IRS Expands Self-Correction Program for Retirement Plans (PDF)
Present Law and Background Relating to Challenges in the Retirement System
[Guidance Overview] IRS Expands Determination Letter Program to Hybrid and Merged Plans
[Guidance Overview] IRS Reopens Determination Letter Program for Certain Plans
Say Hello to the Expanded IRS Self-Correction Program
[Guidance Overview] IRS Cracks Open Determination Letter Program for Merged Plans and Hybrid (Cash Balance) Plans
[Guidance Overview] New Opportunity for Certain Retirement Plans to Obtain IRS Determination Letters
IRS Rev. Proc. 2019-20 Expands Determination Letter Program
[Guidance Overview] IRS Announces Limited Expansion of Its Determination Letter Program, But Questions Remain
[Guidance Overview] Corrections Made Easier: IRS Expands the Self-Correction Program
[Guidance Overview] IRS Expands Determination Letters for Hybrid, Merged Plans
[Guidance Overview] IRS Expands Determination Letter Program
[Guidance Overview] IRS Expands Determination Letter Opportunities for Retirement Plans
IRS Issues Retirement Plan 'Operational Compliance' Checklist for 2019
[Official Guidance] Text of IRS Rev. Proc. 2019-20: Expanded Availability of Determination Letter Applications (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] IRS Expands Plan Self-Correction Program
[Guidance Overview] Corrections Made Easier: IRS Expands the Self-Correction Program
[Guidance Overview] IRS Makes Significant Improvements to EPCRS in Rev. Proc. 2019-19
IRS Updates EPCRS and Expands Self-Correction Program
IRS Expands Self-Correction Program for Retirement Plan Errors
[Official Guidance] Text of IRS Rev. Proc. 2019-19: Updates to Employee Plans Compliance Resolution System (PDF)
One Year to Go Until the 403(b) Restatement Deadline
VCP Submissions Must Be Submitted Electronically Beginning April 1
[Official Guidance] Text of IRS-Authored Operational Compliance List, Updated for 2019
IRS Correction Program Now More Efficient
IRS Requires Electronic VCR Applications Beginning April 1
403(b) Plan Remedial Period Closing Less Than Year from Now
Time to Review 403(b) Plans for Compliance with IRS Requirements
[Official Guidance] VCP Submission Kit: Failure to Have Adopted a New Pre-Approved Defined Contribution Plan by the April 30, 2016 Deadline
#10YearChallenge for 403(b) Plans
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