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Bipartisan Multiemployer Hybrid Plan Bill Introduced in House
How People Plan for Retirement (PDF)
EBSA Private Pension Plan Bulletin: Abstract of 2015 Form 5500 Annual Reports (PDF)
2017 in Review: ERISA Guidance and Enforcement (PDF)
GAO Legal Decision on DOL Fiduciary Rule and Accompanying Prohibited Transaction Exemptions
[Guidance Overview] DOL Grants Individual Exemptions to Allow Asset Managers to Use QPAM Exemption (PDF)
Congress Establishes Committee to Address Multiemployer Pension Plan Crisis
Tax Reform May Have Unintended Consequences for Broker-Dealers
When Do CalPERS Rates Become 'Unsustainable'?
Earnings Test, Non-Actuarial Adjustments and Flexible Retirement
House-Senate Committee Tasked with Solving Multiemployer Pension Crisis by Year-End
2017 Pension Plan Report Card
Federal Budget Deal Becomes Law, Includes Retirement Provisions
FINRA 2018 Annual Regulatory and Examination Priorities Letter Makes No Mention of a Fiduciary Duty for Brokers
Charles P. Rettig Nominated to Be IRS Commissioner
Special Pension Committee Formed in Congress to Come Up with Multiemployer Bill
[Opinion] Testimony for Senate Committee Hearing on 'Exploring the "Gig Economy" and the Future of Retirement Savings'
Federal Court Rules Against Naming Service Provider in Fiduciary Responsibility Case
[Opinion] Why Insurance Companies and Wall Street Should Not Be Permitted to Redefine the Term 'Best Interests'
Court of Appeals Answers More Questions on Church Plan Exemption
[Opinion] Alicia Munnell Explains the Social Security Fix No One Wants
How New Leadership at DOL Could Address Retirement Rules
[Opinion] The Argument for Ditching the 401(k) System and Starting Over
Supreme Court Shows Interest in ERISA Case Addressing Simultaneous Claims for Benefits and Fiduciary Breach
[Opinion] American Benefits Council Letter to Congress Supporting Legislation Permitting Open MEPs
Will Work for No Benefits: The Challenges of Being in the New Contract Workforce
[Opinion] American Benefits Council Submits Recommendations for Standardized and Automatic Disaster Relief
Tax Expenditures for Retirement Plans
Tenth Circuit Diminishes Ability to Challenge Church Plan Status of Healthcare Organization's Retirement Plan
Survey Says: Least/Most Effective Retirement Industry Developments in the Last 25 Years
Pending Legislation Could Significantly Change the Retirement Plan Landscape
Supreme Court Will Hear Railroad Retirement Tax Act Issue
Putnam Gets Industry Support in 401(k) Fund Appeal
[Opinion] Those Corporate Pensions Weren't Always So Great
Verizon Pensioners Still Want to Recoup ERISA Protections
[Opinion] Proposed Loan Programs for Multiemployer Plans
Multiemployer Plans: Their Current Circumstances in Historical Context (PDF)
Legislation to Promote Retirement Plan Lifetime Income Options Introduced in the House
EBRI Policy Forum on Retirement and Financial Wellbeing, 2017: Summaries and Links to Presentations (PDF)
[Opinion] Garden State Crowd-Out: How New Jersey's Pension Crisis Threatens the State Budget (PDF)
New Tax Law Means Fighting Over Underfunded State Pension Plans Is About to Get Worse
Missouri Introduces Proposal to Create Secure Choice Savings Program
Conflicting Decisions in California as to 'Vested Rights' of Public Employees: Where Will the State Supreme Court Land?
Baltimore Fire and Police Pension Changes Ruled Unlawful
'Composite' Solution for Multiemployer Plans in the Works
National Taxpayer Advocate Releases Annual Report to Congress, Discusses Tax Reform Implementation, Unveils 'Purple Book'
[Opinion] Joint Statement Opposing 'Composite' Pension Legislation
National Retirement Risk Index Shows Modest Improvement in 2016
High Hurdle for Pension Cuts in New California Court Ruling
What Does Sen. Hatch's Departure Mean to the Retirement Industry?
[Opinion] Retirement Industry Trends to Watch in 2018 (PDF)
Tax Law's Pass-Through Provision Could Harm 401(k) Plans
New Tax Law Has Minimal Impact on Retirement Plans
How Digital Tools and Behavioral Economics Will Save Retirement
Details of the 'Retirement Plan Simplification and Enhancement Act'
Update on Washington State's Retirement Marketplace
'I Hope I Can Quit Working in a Few Years' -- A Preview of the U.S. Without Pensions
2017 Annual Report of the PBGC Participant and Plan Sponsor Advocate (PDF)
Proposed Legislation Would Enhance Auto Enrollment, RMD, Lifetime Income, and Other Retirement Plan Rules
Outlook 2018: EBSA Awaits New Direction from Rutledge

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