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Social Security - benefits, incl. coverage

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How to Maximize Social Security Retirement Benefits
[Opinion] Why Raising Social Security's 'Full Retirement Age' Is a Bad Idea
Social Security Annual Statistical Supplement, 2016
The Growing Gap in Life Expectancy by Income: Recent Evidence and Implications for the Social Security Retirement Age (PDF)
Social Security and Total Replacement Rates in Disability and Retirement
Social Security Benefits: What Retirees Get Right and Wrong
An Experimental Analysis of Modifications to the Survivor Benefit Information within the Social Security Statement
Social Security Retirement Benefits and Private Annuities: A Comparative Analysis
Innovative Strategies to Maximize Social Security Benefits (PDF)
Most Americans Maintain or Increase Spendable Income After Claiming Social Security (PDF)
Why Are U.S. Households Claiming Social Security Later?
The Pros and Cons of Taking Social Security Early
Know What to Expect from Social Security Benefit Estimators
Strategies to Make the Most of Your Retirement Assets
Older People's Willingness to Delay Social Security Claiming
OIG Report: $1 Billion Paid by Social Security to Individual Representative Payees Who Do Not Have a Social Security Number (PDF)
Social Security Begins to Increase the Retirement Age
Social Security Full Retirement Age Increases Past 66
Optimal Social Security Claiming Behavior Under Lump Sum Incentives: Theory and Evidence
Social Security Benefits: What Married Couples Approaching Retirement Need to Know (PDF)
CBO Now Projects 31% Cut in Social Security Benefits Will Be Needed by 2031
How Much Cash Would It Take to Get You to Delay Retirement?
Illustrative Social Security Benefits for Retired Workers, Disabled Workers, and Survivors Scheduled Under Current Law (PDF)
Estimates of the Financial Effects on Social Security of H.R. 6489, the Social Security Reform Act of 2016 (PDF)
A Comparison of Free Online Tools for Individuals Deciding When to Claim Social Security Benefits
Comparing CBO's Long-Term Projections with Those of the Social Security Trustees (PDF)
Deferring Commencement of Social Security Benefits Is OK, Deferring Retirement Is Better -- Part 2
The Social Security Retirement Age (PDF)
Social Security: Calculation and History of Taxing Benefits (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] Social Security Benefits and Taxable Wage Base to Increase for 2017
Six Social Security Changes Coming in 2017
[Official Guidance] Social Security Announces 0.3 Percent Benefit Increase for 2017
Annual Statistical Report on the Social Security Disability Insurance Program, 2015 (PDF)
Testimony: Comparing CBO's Long-Term Projections with Those of the Social Security Trustees
SEC Provides Free Online Financial Planning Tools
The Life Cycle Model, Replacement Rates, and Retirement Income Adequacy
GAO Report: Improvements to Social Security Claims Process Could Help People Make Better Informed Decisions about Retirement Benefits
Earnings and Employment Data for Workers Covered Under Social Security and Medicare, by State and County, 2013
Public Pensions and Social Security, by State: Where Do Employees Get Both?
How Work and Marriage Trends Affect Social Security's Family Benefits
[Opinion] Actuarial Profession Should Advocate True Social Security Sustainability
Are Early Social Security Claimers Making a Mistake?
Marital Histories, Gender, and Financial Security in Late Mid-Life: Evidence from Four Cohorts in the Health and Retirement Study
Distributional Effects of Means Testing Social Security: Income Versus Wealth
Using a 'Preference Checklist' to Make Retirement Decisions
Social Security's Financial Outlook: The 2016 Update in Perspective
An Actuarial Perspective on the 2016 Social Security Trustees Report (PDF)
Social Security Finances: A Review of the 2016 Trustees Report (PDF)
Social Security Will Be There for You, Millennials
Text of the 2016 Annual Report of the Board of Trustees of the Social Security Trust Funds (PDF)
Social Security Board of Trustees: Long-Range Projection Unchanged for Trust Fund Reserve Depletion
Fact Sheet: Social Security and Medicare Trustees Report
Court Allows Offset for Social Security Benefits Received by Children of Long-Term Disability Claimant
Life After 'File and Suspend'
Different People Different Choices (PDF)
How to Raise the Retirement Age for People Who Want to Work
Social Security Disability Insurance: Participation and Spending
[Opinion] One Simple Trick for Beating the Collapse of Social Security
[Opinion] Raising Social Security Retirement Age Will Hurt When Early Retirement Is Unavoidable
More Advisors Finding Retirees and Pre-Retirees Represent Majority of Their Business

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