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DC Plan Administrator

The Benefit Advantage
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Defined Contribution Plan Administrator

The MandMarblestone Group, llc
(Philadelphia PA / Telecommute)
DC Plan Administrator
Heritage Administrative Services, LLC
(Woodbury NY)
Retirement Plan Administrator

Group RHI
Defined Contribution Plan Specialist

(Alpharetta GA / AL / NC / Telecommute)
Defined Benefit Plan Administrator

AimPoint Pension
ESOP Administrator

Blue Ridge ESOP Associates
(VA / Telecommute)
Pension Systems Administrator
DeMars Pension Consulting Services, Inc.
(Overland Park KS)

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Compensation Considerations for the Upcoming 2020 Proxy Season
Annual Reporting and IRS Filing for ISO Exercises and ESPP Stock Transfers
Younger Employees Face Rewards, Risks in Stock Compensation Plans
Common Mistakes by Private Companies When Granting Stock Options
Know Your Options: Comparing NQSOs And ISOs
Delaware Chancery Court Refuses to Dismiss Derivative Action Alleging Breach of Fiduciary Duty and Unjust Enrichment Related to Stock Option Repricing
Private Company Stock Grants: Recent SEC Filings by Uber and Other IPO Companies Reveal Plan Design Trends
How to Avoid Overpaying Taxes on Stock Sales
[Guidance Overview] What Constitutes Hedging Under the SEC's New Disclosure Rules?
2019 Federal Budget Includes Proposed Changes to Tax Treatment of Stock Options
Beware These Tax-Return Errors with Restricted Stock and RSUs
How to Reduce the Tax Impact of Your Stock Options or Restricted Stock Units
Review Equity Award Forms for Massachusetts Employees
Compensatory Action Items to Consider this Proxy Season
[Guidance Overview] Private Company Grants of Stock Options and RSUs: IRS Guidance Provides Limited Support
[Guidance Overview] IRS Requires Escrow Arrangement to Collect Income Withholding Taxes on Stock Deferral Elections (PDF)
Stock Option Back-Dating Again? Well, Not Quite
[Guidance Overview] Initial IRS Guidance for Section 83(i) Provides Mostly Good News
IRS Guidance on Private Company Grants of Stock Options and RSUs Provides Limited Support
Initial Guidance Issued on Section 83(i) Deferral Election for Private Company Equity Grants
[Guidance Overview] IRS Provides Initial Guidance For Private Corporations and Their Employees on New Tax Benefit for Stock Options and Restricted Stock Units
[Official Guidance] Text of IRS Notice 2018-97: Application of Section 83(i) to Stock Options and Restricted Stock Units (PDF)
[Opinion] New Tool May Address Executives' Concentrated Stock Position Problems
Making Charitable Donations of Stock Instead of Cash After Tax Reform
Key Facts to Know About Your Restricted Stock and RSU Grants
Key Tax Planning Strategies for Executives Receiving Stock-Based Compensation
Questions to Ask About Your Performance Share Grant
Stock Compensation: 2018 Assumption and Disclosure Study (PDF)
Ninth Circuit Withdraws Altera Decision, Leaving the Tax Court Decision in Force for Now
CEO Compensation Surged in 2017
Ninth Circuit Withdraws Altera Opinion
[Guidance Overview] SEC Doubles Disclosure Obligation Threshold, Seeks to Modernize Compensatory Securities Offerings (PDF)
SEC Provides Disclosure Relief, Considers Employee Stock Purchase Rules
SEC Eyes Equity Compensation Changes for 'Gig Workers'
SCOTUS Decision on Stock Options at Railroad Companies: Do the Justices Understand Stock Compensation?
Two Cheers for Deferred Taxation of Qualified Equity Grants
Gap Between Equity Comp Aspiration and Action Shows Need for Employee Education and Financial Advice
Stock Awards Behind Most CEO Pay Hikes
IRS Filing Deadlines and Stock Compensation Planning for 2018
Credit Karma Settles with SEC over Alleged Stock Option Disclosure Failures
Stock Options Are Not as Flexible as You May Think
Restricted Stock/RSUs and Tax Returns: Eight Costly Mistakes to Avoid
New Tax Law Provides Tax Deferral Opportunity for Certain Private Company Equity Grants
Stock Option Values: A New Rule of Thumb for Large Caps
[Guidance Overview] New Section 83(i) Election for Employee Stock Options and Restricted Stock Units
[Guidance Overview] Annual Reporting Requirements for Incentive Stock Options and Employee Stock Purchase Plans
[Guidance Overview] 2018 Deadlines Approach to Furnish ISO and ESPP Information Statements and Returns
Are ISOs Back?
[Guidance Overview] Executive Compensation Changes Under Tax Reform: An Update for Plan Sponsors (PDF)
[Guidance Overview] New Code Section 83(i): Qualified Equity Grant Programs Permit Employees to Elect to Defer Income Taxes on Stock Options or RSUs (PDF)
Deadlines Approach for Employer Reporting of 2017 ISO and ESPP Transactions
Does Equity Compensation Count as Wages Under Federal and California Law?
Year-End Checklist of Items to Review, Know, and Consider About Your Stock Compensation
Recent Developments Affecting Performance-Based Equity Awards
Analysis of Executive Change in Control Arrangements of the Top 200 Companies (PDF)
New Tax Reform Bill: Major Changes to Executive Compensation Lead Impact on Benefits and Compensation Practices (PDF)
Proposed Tax Bill Would Make Big Changes to (and Create New Opportunities for) Executive Compensation
Proposed Tax Bill Changes Are Worse Than We First Reported
House Draft of Tax Reform Bill Contains Opportunities and Surprises for Stock Compensation
Stock Compensation: 2017 Assumption and Disclosure Study (PDF)
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