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Correcting Failed Coverage & Nondiscrimination Tests


Feb. 18, 2016


With the release of new proposed regulations, the methodology for testing cross-tested plans may be changed dramatically.

In this webcast, we will discuss the new nondiscrimination testing rules under the proposed regulations as well as options for correcting failed coverage and nondiscrimination tests, including:

  • Calculating corrective refunds under ADP/ACP test, including use of catch-up contributions
  • Correcting coverage failures, including the use of cross-testing to correct average benefit test failures
  • Using restructuring to correct failed nondiscrimination tests
  • New nondiscrimination testing requirements under the proposed regulations, including the possible elimination of the ability to use separate groups for each employee

And more!

Plus, in this IRS-approved webcast, you will earn 2 hours of CE credit for ASPPA, NIPA, ERPA, JBEA and Enrolled Agent.

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