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Fundamentals Series 09: Allocation and Deduction Limits [2017]

FIS Relius Education

Dec. 4, 2017

Recorded Online


Do you need to train someone new? Do you need to brush up on the basics, or to fill in gaps in your knowledge? SunGard’s Fundamentals Series may be just what you need. 16 convenient 1-hour web seminars provide the information a pension practitioner needs to function effective in the modern 401(k) world. Pick and choose the topics you need, or participate in the entire series: the choice is yours.

Fundamentals Series 09: Allocation and Deduction Limits [2017]

Section 415 of the Code places a cap on the amount of annual additions that may be contributed to a participant’s retirement account. This year the 415 limit is $53,000. Many unique retirement plan features are designed around the 415 limit.

An employer’s primary concern with a 401(k) plan is whether its contributions will be deductible in the year contributed. Section 404 of the Code provides an annual deduction limit. This program discusses both of these key limitations and the consequences of contributing a nondeductible contribution to a 401(k) plan.

Topics include:

  • Annual additions
  • Compensation and dollar limits
  • Contribution timing
  • Fiscal year plans
  • Deduction limit
  • Participants used in deduction limit
  • Participant compensation
  • Excess nondeductible contributions
  • Excise tax
  • Minimum contributions
  • Self-employed individuals

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