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July 10, 2019

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ksussh3399 created a topic in Defined Benefit Plans, Including Cash Balance

Suspended Annuity Payments During QDRO Processing

We suspended annuity payments after receipt of a QDRO on our DB plan. The divorce was apparently messy and took 4 years to sort out, all the while annuity payments have not been made. Now the divorce is finalized and there is no longer a hold on the account. Must we pay interest on the suspended payments or just pay the total missed amount in a lump sum and resume regular payments?
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BG5150 created a topic in 401(k) Plans

What Does 'Reduction' of a Safe Harbor Benefit Mean?

Notice 2016-16 states that a permissible mid-year amendment for a SH plan can be: "(iii) Reduction or suspension of safe harbor contributions or changes from safe harbor plan status to non-safe harbor plan status (permitted only as described in Sections 1.401(k)-3(g) and 1.401(m)-3(h))." 1.401(k)-3g says you can change SH plan mid year if [1] there the company is operating at an economic loss OR [2] the ER adds the the annual notice a statement that the plan may be amended during the year to reduce or suspend the SH NEC contributions provided a supplemental notice is given at least 30 days before the reduction. I checked the SH notice that comes out of or doc system (ftwilliam) and I don't see such a paragraph. So, are we out of luck under [2]? How would they stop it, then, if they can't afford it but not operating at an economic loss? Can they just send a notice now that says "effective September 1, we are stopping the safe harbor contribution" (plus all the other conditions, like letting participants change their deferral elections, etc.)?
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thepensionmaven created a topic in Retirement Plans in General

Compensation Definition: Inclusion of Medical Premiums for a 2%-Plus Shareholder

Corp sponsors 401(k) SHM plan, definition of compensation is 415 safe harbor, about 10 participants, including the owner. Box 1 and Box 5 of Form W-2 have different amounts, Code D is $18,500. Accountant not taking into account medical premiums for the 2%+ shareholder. Isn't medical a fringe benefit? (Getting conflicting answers.)
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401_noob created a topic in Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

Can I Use My HSA to Pay My Wife's Medical Bills?

Forgive me if this is simple question, but I don't know anything about HSAs except that it is a Health Savings Account. I have a HSA from an old job where I had a HDHP. I no longer have a HDHP. I have also since married and had a child. My question is, can I use some of the money from my HSA to pay the medical bills, that are in my wife's name, from having our baby last year? I seem to recall that this is permissible, but it's been a long time since I have looked into the matter and I have not been following any changes to HSA legislation to know if anything has changed (assuming my understanding was correct from the beginning).
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thepensionmaven created a topic in Defined Benefit Plans, Including Cash Balance

No W-2 Income Last Year for Sole Participant in S Corp-Sponsored DB Plan

DB plan was established for 2018 for S corp; accountant called last week to mention that there was no W-2 for 2018 and so the accountant wants to use Schedule C income. I would think the plan's definition of "compensation" would need be amended as well who would be participating. Would a Joinder Agreement suffice in this instance?
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msmith created a topic in Retirement Plans in General

Form 8955-SSA -- Remove Former Participants When Getting Required Minimum Distributions?

401(k) plan. A terminated participant was added to Form 8955-SSA in 2016. In 2018, the participant started receiving RMDs. The Instructions to the Form, for Code D, state, "Use this code for a participant previously reported under the plan number shown who is no longer entitled to those deferred vested benefits. This includes a participant who has begun receiving benefits." Do that say to include former participants who have started to receive RMDs? If it matters, this plan does not permit annuities as a form of payment.
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