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August 12, 2021

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Pammie57 created a topic in 401(k) Plans

Deferral/SH Match Limits for Plan Becoming Effective October 1

"If a client plan starts 10/1, are they able to defer the max $19,500 as long as they have adequate compensation? Is the safe harbor basic match -the full 4% or is it pro-rated?"

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Robin Wilson created a topic in 401(k) Plans

Plan Has Provision That Refers to Prior Plan Document

"May a plan document reference a plan provision in its current document by reference to a prior document?"

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Chippy created a topic in Plan Document Amendments

Distribution Timing Differs for Retirees

"This plan is a non-standardized profit sharing plan. I'm working on the restatement and the client would like distributions to be delayed until a 1 year break in service following a participant's termination of employment, unless the termination is due to retirement (in which case the delay would be only 30 days). Would this be allowable? I'd have to add it under 'other' in the adoption agreement."

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PS created a topic in Plan Terminations

Repayment of a CARES Act Distribution

"Participant had taken a CARES distribution and had sent a cashier check in repayment of the CARES distribution. The plan is terminating. The participant's status was flipped to 'T.'  Because of that, can this check be posted into the terminating plan? Or into an IRA? If we cannot post it into the terminating plan, what's the reason?"

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Randee Sekol created a topic in Plan Terminations

Reporting 'Compensation' on Form 6088 for Terminating Plan That Was Frozen in 2003

"If the plan froze benefits in 2003 and has a termination date during 2021, should 'compensation' entered in column (e) be compensation until 2021, or until 2003? If the former, is a separate schedule needed for plan compensation throuh 2003?"

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