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February 24, 2022

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Philster created a topic in IRAs and Roth IRAs

Mistitled Inherited IRA. Any Recourse?

"My brother wasn't careful sending money from his Vanguard 'Our deceased dad's name inherited IRA' to a new bank cd that is now titled 'Brother's name IRA'. He asked for the Vanguard check to be sent to new bank in his personal name. Went directly to them, not thru him. The bank he opened it in doesn't even offer inherited IRAs so he checked off 'traditional IRA' on application. Money was never comingled with his regular IRA elsewhere. CD was opened 18 months ago, and Vanguard is indicating they aren't going to help. RMDs have been taken based on stretch method (dad died 4 years ago). If we can't get banks to retitle, is there any other recourse? Because IRS will be getting same tax from RMDs either way, would they even notice or care about title on the 1099-R? (EDIT: I believe there is a code 7 vs code 4 on 1099r indicating it is inherited vs traditional, but would IRS even look at that to compare to previous year, as long as correct rmd taken? EDIT 2: He just noticed his Form 5498 from bank listed entire CD as IRA contribution for 2020, when the money came from vanguard. I assume my brother never even gave this form to our accountant.)"

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PensionPro created a topic in Form 5500

Form 5500 -- Which Version to Use for Prior Filing?

"We have a strange situation. We prepared a 2018 delinquent Form 5500 for a large plan in December 2021 and the auditors assured us the opinion would be finalized and sent by 12/31/21 but they only sent in February 2022. The issue is the version of Form 5500. We had prepared it on the 2020 version which was the latest version available at the time. Now the 2021 version is available. Do we need to reenter data onto the 2021 version and submit, or is it fine to file on the 2020 version?"

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Old Reliable created a topic in 401(k) Plans

New Payroll Company Forgot to Withhold 401(k)

"Company switched payroll providers. New payroll company has not withheld 401k from the 5 participants for 2 months. What's the best (and cheapest) way to correct? Can this be self-corrected? Must employer make up lost earnings? Can the DOL calculator be used?"

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NJ Harrington created a topic in 401(k) Plans

No Final 5500 After Entire Solo 401(k) Rolled Over Into SEP-IRA

"Solo 401k rolls all money in the 401k into a SEP IRA in 2019. 1099-R issued, but 401k administrator does not file a final Form 5500. How to correct?"

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NJ Harrington created a topic in 401(k) Plans

Final 5500 after entire solo 401k rolled over into SEP IRA

"Solo 401k rolls all money in the 401k into a SEP IRA n 2019. 1099R issued, but 401k administrators does not file a Final Form 5500. Does anyone know how to correct this now?"
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C. B. Zeller created a topic in Retirement Plans in General

Here's My APR Calculator Workbook

"I put together a spreadsheet that will calculate single life and 100% J&S APRs. This was inspired by comments from @401king and others in another recent thread. You must enter the interest rate and age on the Input tab. You can optionally enter an account balance, if you do it will calculate the annuity amounts in addition to the APRs.

Important: you must enter the values from the correct mortality table on the 'Mortality' tab. The mortality tables are published by the IRS, for example the 2021 table is here:

Use the values in the column labeled, For distributions subject to 417(e).

If someone wants to enhance this workbook to automatically pull the 417(e) tables, or the 10-year CMT rates, that would be fantastic.

Use this workbook at your own risk. I believe it will generate correct results based on the inputs but I can not be responsible if it fails in some cases. I can not promise that it will not immediately delete all your files and melt your CPU the second you open it, either. Treat it like any other file you would download from an anonymous internet stranger."

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