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November 4, 2022

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RayJJohnsonJr created a topic in Retirement Plans in General

Investment Companies Demanding Plan Contribution Checks Have Exact Same Name as Plan Name

"Financial service companies are being held to a higher anti-money laundering standard and are demanding that a check representing a plan contribution to be deposited into a new investment account have the same name on the check as the name of The Plan.

I have numerous clients with one participant plans who have numerous companies. They may have a plan with a name based on the company they own that was quite active 20 years ago but not very active today. That shouldn't matter since they could have named the plan anything they wanted. At least to my knowledge, they could name their planned SpongeBob if they wanted.

If an individual owns three or four companies, however, and company A started the plan 20 years ago with it's name on The Plan, that plan covers all the employees of all the companies he owns, he just happens to be the only employee so any of the companies could make the planned contribution, at least from what I've learned over the years. The CPA's never have a problem with this. I work with them closely.

This is causing a huge inconvenience from my clients who may be forced to run money through a company that's been dormant for some time. Or, I suppose the only alternative is to change the name of the plan to the name of the company writing the check. Witch is stupid, because no such thing is required in qual plan rules.

Or, what I'm going to try first, is adding the name of the company writing the check as a cosponsor of the plan (which it is a de-facto Co-sponsor by virtue of 100% common ownership anyway) and send the investment company the corporate resolutions and adoption agreement effectuating the Co-sponsorship of the plan with company A's name by the company B who is writing the check. Anyone have any thoughts on this?"

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Luke Bailey created a topic in Form 5500

Filing Form 5500 Without Audit and Correcting Within 45 Days

"Client files 5500 without required audit and assume will file the audit shortly, well within the 45-day period required so that DOL will not impose penalties. Assume that as of the date the audit is received by DOL the client has not been contacted for late filing by IRS. Is there a legal basis for IRS to impose late filing penalties, and a risk that it will do so, even after the audit is filed within the 45-day period, in which case client should file the 5500 with audit under DFVC, even though not facing actual exposure to DOL penalties? Or does filing the audit within 45 days also get them off the hook with IRS?"

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Kent Allard created a topic in Plan Terminations

Form 6088 for Collectively Bargained Plans

"The instructions to the Form 6088 seem to indicate collectively bargained defined benefit plans must file a Form 6088 along with a Form 5310 submission. While clearly collectively bargained defined contribution plans seem less expected to file a Form 6088, collectively bargained defined benefit plans seem to lack only the expectation to input information into item "g."

Revenue Procedure 2021-4 seems to present confusion, as at a particular section, this guidance seems to waive the expectation to file a Form 6088 for all collectively bargained plans. Please provide further salient, affecting guidance."

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