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April 17, 2023

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Bri created a topic in Defined Benefit Plans, Including Cash Balance

Ninety-Five Percent of Zero?

"CB plan expected to terminate with an asset sale pending. With PBGC timeline, probably early 2024 we get everyone (about 35-40 folks) paid out. IF there are any excess assets (and we're thinking at worst case, 50-100K), was thinking about a QRP transfer to their profit sharing plan. [1] Gotta cover 95% of active employees. If everyone's terminating employment with the seller, then do I need to cover 95% of zero employees? There are 3 partners selling, so they could certainly still be potentially 'active' in their hollowed-out shell. Is that an appropriate interpretation? 95% of either just the 3 former owners, or 95% of just totally zero active participants? Anyway, the extra 50-100K would be allocated completely for the final 2023 profit sharing plan year, since although I only gotta worry about the DB shutting down, there will still be allocations due (it's a DB/DC combo) for the PS plan. Eliminates the need to come up with a higher PS amount for its short year. And could use it all up for 2023, since I wouldn't expect there to be six more years to release it from suspense."

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