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November 16, 2023

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Karen McIver created a topic in Distributions and Loans, Other than QDROs

SSA Notification of Deferred Benefit - How to Prove Past Payment?

"Are there any resources to find 1099-R's or other proof that a benefit was paid out to a participant? This client doesn't have his old records. Plan was terminated years ago before they became our client."

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CG created a topic in Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs)

Survivor Benefits and QDRO for Ford GRP

"I have had numerous interactions with NESC to determine beneficiary of the General Retirement Plan (GRP).... Husband and former spouse were divorced: May 11, 2006 ... In 2013 Ford Motor Company offered a lump sum payment to salaried retirees. Both my husband and his former spouse were offered separate election kits ... The Benefit Election Kit stated: 'Our records indicated that you have a Qualified Domestic Relations order (QDRO) on file with the Company as of March 2013. The pension amounts shown in this Election Kit reflect a corresponding reduction for a pension benefit payable to an alternate payee under the terms of the QDRO.' His former spouse has a QDRO to receive survivor benefits when the 'participant' (husband) dies.... On or about 2018-2019 Ford Motor Company transitioned from Fidelity Service Center for Ford Motor Company to Alight Solutions.... There are documents in our files that indicate my husband was in contact with NESC to make sure that I was designated as a beneficiary of the GRP. My questions: If the former spouse did indeed take the lump sum payment, would she have had to sign some sort of form to recind the provisions in the QDRO? In other words, if she did elect to take the lump sum, has she exhausted her right to survivor benefits ... Does an amended QDRO need to be filed? NESC seems unable to help in finding verification of beneficiary. Do I need to hire a QDRO attorney who can contact Ford Motor Company to verify that I am the beneficiary of the 65% Joint & Survivor Monthly Pension Benefit which my husband submitted with the Election Kit in 2013."

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truphao created a topic in Defined Benefit Plans, Including Cash Balance

Municipal/Governmental DB Plan Document

"Which vendor is accomodating the prototype plan document services for municipal defined benefit plans?"

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ESOPMomma created a topic in Retirement Plans in General

Follow-up to Erroneous 8955-SSA Penalties

"Recall back in August the erroneous 8955-SSA penalty letters sent by the IRS. Both ftwilliam and Relius (perhaps others, too) provided template language for plan sponsors to use in requesting the IRS abate the penalties as their Forms 8955-SSA were timely filed (or didn't file). My client just forwarded me a notice CP138 for their corporate 1120 tax return that they are due a refund, but their refund has been reduced for the erroneous penalties! It's as though the IRS completely ignored their own mistake and my client's rebuttal to their mistake. Has anyone else seen this?"

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