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What Do the Final IRS UBIT Regs Mean for Plan Investors and Investment Managers?
February 16, 2021 WEBCAST
Groom Law Group

401(k) Testing Techniques: Before, During and After
February 17, 2021 WEBCAST
Western Pension & Benefits Council

What To Expect From A Retirement Plan Investigation
February 18, 2021 WEBCAST
Employee Benefits Security Administration [EBSA], U.S. Department of Labor

Here We Go Again, with a Twist
February 18, 2021 WEBCAST
Western Pension & Benefits Council - Orange County Chapter

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[Guidance Overview]

Financial Factors in Selecting Plan Investments under ERISA (PDF)

10 pages. "[In this article, the authors] [1] identify the fiduciaries who will be subject to the Final Regulation, [2] describe the fiduciary standards of conduct applicable to such fiduciaries, [3] provide an overview of prior DOL guidance on ESG and similar investing principles, [4] summarize the requirements of the Final Regulation, and [5] discuss the implications for fiduciary advisers."

Groom Law Group, for National Society of Compliance Professionals [NSCP]

[Guidance Overview]

Extended Loan Rollover Timeline: More Flexibility for Participants and More Complexity for Plan Administrators

"Plan administrators should be prepared to evaluate whether their systems can properly track qualified plan loan offsets, which must now be specifically identified in any Form 1099-R that is distributed to an employee."


[Guidance Overview]

ESG Investing by ERISA Plan Fiduciaries: The DOL Final Regs (PDF)

"[T]he final regulations require plan fiduciaries to focus exclusively on pecuniary factors (e.g., factors that materially impact risk and return) when selecting investments for their plan.... This column summarizes the DOL's prior guidance, describes the final regulations, and provides advice to plan investment committees who may want to add an ESG fund to their plan's portfolio."

Davis & Gilbert LLP

Damages Arising from 401(k) Cyber Theft -- Who Is Liable?

"[E]mployers are plan fiduciaries with a duty to select and monitor the performance of plan service providers.... Every 401(k) provider service agreement should require the service provider to observe appropriate cyber security protocols with respect to participant account information."

Golan Christie Taglia

What's an SOC-1 Report and Why Is It Important? -- From the Plan Auditor's Perspective

"Most service organizations will have a SOC-1 report, and may also have a SOC-2 report. For purposes of a retirement plan audit, your audit firm will want the SOC-1 report, which is focused on the internal controls over processing transactions at the service organization."

Bradley J. Bartells, CPA, via LinkedIn

RMDs Required Again in 2021

"If you didn't take distributions from your retirement plan and IRA accounts in 2020, you may be surprised by your 2021 RMD."


The 'Best' Annuity Out There: The One Participants Already Have

"While Social Security is designed to be a safety net, it can be substantial for lower-income earners, particularly those who wait until age 70 to receive the benefit.... Since most participants already have [this] annuity, why purchase another?"

Cammack Retirement Group

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Do Any IRA Custodians Require a Spouse's Consent to the Designation of a Non-Spouse Beneficiary?

"Do you know whether any IRA custodian requires a spouse's consent as a condition to the custodian's willingness to follow a designation that names a beneficiary other than the IRA owner's spouse (even if no public law requires this)? What I'm looking for is whether an IRA custodian does something, before there is a dispute or claim, to protect the community-property rights of an IRA holder's spouse (or make it convenient for an IRA holder to show her spouse's consent to a potential transfer)."

BenefitsLink Message Boards

Final 5500-EZ Already Filed But My Address Is Changing

"Final 5500-EZ form was filed some time ago. I may be moving and getting an address that's different from the address used on the form. Should I notify the IRS?"

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