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FICA inclusion - joint lives mortality table

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What mortality table shoudl be used to take into consideration mortality for nonaccount balance plans when determining the current amount for FICA? The 31.3121(v)(2) reg refers to the 415(e) mortality table, which refers to 807(d)(5)(A), which states "the prevailing commissioners standard tables.

I went to the Society of Actuaries and downloaded thier tables for annuities. None of these consider joint lives, but are all single tables. All the examples in the reg refer to single life tables. (1984-UP, 1983 GAM) Do you count single life only as the survivor benefit is nonemployee compensation???

At first thought, I looked at the QJSA Table VI under IRC 72. My joint lives give me an expectancy of 23 years. The plan provides for a payment period of 15 years with a survivor benefit if the participant dies before the 15 years. If they both die prior to 15 years, payments stop. But, it seems they should get some consideration for mortality assumptions.

Has anyone done this calculation for a joint life benefit? What mortality table should be used? Any help is greatly appriciated?

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