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Vendor options for Retirement plans

Guest GMedley

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Guest GMedley

We currently use OmniWeb (Planweb?), a product of Pyramid Digital Solutions, to create an interactive website for our retirement benefit plans. Has anyone else had success with other vendors? I'm particularly interested in Quantech's web product.

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Guest H Norton


We offer 401k online access. CyberTPA, is our low cost and easy to use web solution for your 401k, 403b and Cafeteria plan participants.

For your participants, CyberTPA provides a clear and simple web interface allowing them to remotely access and manage their accounts. For you, CyberTPA is equally simple. There is no need for new software, hardware or technical staff and setup and installation time is minimal. CyberTPA is a flexible application that can be adapted to work with your current accounting software.

Please feel free to visit our demo site again at any time at http://www.cybertpa.com. If you have any questions call me at 877 942 8100.


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