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Guest Determinedgoals

Hello. I found this forum looking for tution assistance. I am a married father of three and disabled. I have decided to return to school to further my own education. In hopes of ataining some sort of desk job to enhance my family's quality of life. I have enrolled and will begin taking classes online comencing Feb. 8, 2006 and estimated time of completion July of 2007. I have enrolled in hopes of achieving a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice.

Since my fanancial aid package didn't cover total tution I have agreed to have the University finance the balance. I know my fualt. My monthly payments will be approximately $271.00 per month. Balance of $10,000.00 est. will need to be paid in full prior to graduation Simple math shows that is mathmatically impossible. Higher payment would have resulted in the termination of enrollment acceptance on my behalf due to income and lack of ability to meet finacial obligation.

None the less I am serious about doing this and I am seeking help in achieving my goals. Six months after graduation my student loans take over for repayment. I am looking at approximatley $25,000.00 total.

What I am seeking is either a person or persons whom may know of any groups, firms, partnerships or individualls that may alllow me to apply for any amount of scholarship reward or assistance available. Any one that may choose to help in any amounts, I mean any, I would prefer that the contributions be made directly to the school and not to me. That way they will know that the funds are being used accordingly.

I do not know any tax laws or anything that might cause this to be considered a charitable contribution, but I can't think of any reason it wouldn't be either. I need help. Anything at all. I have all the normal supplies to buy now, for not only my kids but me also.

I know that this will be looked at as beging by another bum. I am not a bum. I am disabled Certified Automotive Techician with over 25 years profesional experience and at least 10 of those were in positions of management.

If anyone can or would be willing to help I would be more than thankful. In return I might be able to provide assistance of some sort. I will even send homeade cookies, the whole batch of anywhere form 3-5 dozen for at least contributions in the of $50.00 if they want.

Thus if you have read this and may find a way to help me thank you. The posistion I am stuck in is if I try to get a job I loose my Security disablity. I am willing to do that after I graduate. If I got a job to make payments then loosing that would cause me to put my family in finacial jeapordy. I honestly have no family members to turn to and do not know anyone that might help me.

I am just a middle aged, almost not quite, Married father trying to make a difference in my familys quality of life. I have applied and been acepted at Colorado Technical University. Anything at all would be apprecaited. Please email me if you would be interested or know of anyone that might be willing to see thier way to help in any way.

Thank you and may God bless.

Thank you and may god bless.

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