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Welfare Plan Resource Materials

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Can anyone recommend some sort of reference material regarding welfare plans? Like an "answer book". I looked on Panel Publisher's website, but did not see anything specific to welfare plans. Would that information be contained in another publication? Thanks.


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Any particular type of Wefare Plan? Any particular aspect or issue?

Try Thompson, BNA Portfolio Series and CCH. I am not sure what EBIA has other than a good Cafeteria Plan Manual.

George D. Burns

Cost Reduction Strategies

Burns and Associates, Inc

www.costreductionstrategies.com(under construction)

www.employeebenefitsstrategies.com(under construction)

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There is no one resource. The EBSA website contains only ERISA information, no tax info. If you Google welfare plan topics, you will find several publications on the IRS website that are instructive.

Also, Tax Facts for Life Insurance and the Life Insurance Answer Book contain good welfare plan information.

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