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schedule A reporting

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I posted this in the Form 5500 board and didn't get any responses. Maybe I can get some help here!

When filing a schedule A for a welfare plan, I have always reported the insurance carrier. I just received schedule A information where the TPA is listed instead of the ins. carrier. I have never seen this before. Has anyone else?

I called the TPA and all the person could tell me was that it is their name on the schedule a because the premiums are paid to them and they process the claims.

Anyone else have an opinion on this?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Maybe they gave you the Schedule A information incorrectly; Perhaps it is information for the Schedule C? If the TPA is the claims administrator, I'm thinking you would report how much was paid to them on Schedule C, with a code of 13 (administration).

If anyone out there has a contrary idea, please let me know. These things can get so confusing!


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Guest b2kates

Schedule A is captioned INsurance Information

It reports Insurance Contract and carrier information including commissions paid by the carrier.

How did your TPA complete the NIAC, the policy year, the fees or commissions paid; and

The information sought on question 7,8, and 9.

I know of NO authority for any entity to be "issuing" the Schedule A

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Apparently this TPA "shops" for the cheapest rates, then the premiums are paid from the employer to the TPA, and they in turn pay the insurance company. They also process any claims.

They did put a code in the NAIC, policy year is correct, nothing completed for fees and commisions, 7 is completed for stop loss, 8 is balnk, and 9a is completed.

So what to do from here...contact insurance company directly?

Thanks for the thoughts...

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