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Leaving management out of health plan?

Guest TPAStacey

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Guest TPAStacey

I think I know the answer, I just need some reassurance and some guidance to citations, if possible.

There are a group of attorneys who have support staff. The company wants to offer and pay for health insurance for the support staff only and not pay for health insurance for the attorneys.

From what I can tell, there would be no discrimination testing b/c the insurance would be provided 100% through health insurance. Also, I'm assuming that attorneys vs. support staff would be an acceptable classification.

Any thoughts?

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Just make sure that you don't have a HIPAA discrimination problem in drawing that distinction. That will depend perhaps on the health status of the excluded attorneys as compared to the included staff.

From a tax perspective, no problem.

John Simmons


Note to Readers: For you, I'm a stranger posting on a bulletin board. Posts here should not be given the same weight as personalized advice from a professional who knows or can learn all the facts of your situation.

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