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missed employer contributions

Santo Gold

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This sounds almost too simple, but I have to ask? If a Church plan accidently omits a few participants from sharing in the employer contribution, they have to go back and make those contributions, plus earnings, correct? Wasn't sure if there was a difference because this is a church plan (compared to a PS plan).


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It depends. Is this church electing to have their plan subject to ERISA? What does the document say? It is very possible that the church doesn't even need to contribute to related participants. It may have sounded simple, but it may not be. For example, you could have a plan document that uses language like a new comparability plan that has each person being his/her allocation group. If testing is not applicable (most like the case), whatever was contributed is what the allocation is. Now, if you don't even have a document... :blink:

Having braved the blizzard, I take a moment to contemplate the meaning of life. Should I really be riding in such cold? Why are my goggles covered with a thin layer of ice? Will this effect coverage testing?


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