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Guest Ronibugs

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Guest Ronibugs

We have an employee wanting to submit student schedules for 2 college age dependents for dental and vision.

We asked for the schedules after Open Enrollment and gave a deadline. We only e-mailed the employees and we are in Healthcare. Everyone does not check their e-mails. also, with this employee, we only asked for 1 schedule (not sure what happened there - but we would take one schedule because of this).

I think we should allow the add for both dependents and my co-worker disagrees. I think we should add them on since we will allow it as employees come in Janaury stating their students are just beginning school (as if they are new dependents) and we would not double check if we previously asked for schedules.

Does the IRS address this anywhere? What do you think?


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A little confused by some of what you said, i.e., when was OE, when was deadline, what does it mean your in healthcare, etc.

But, lets assume that all this occured within the last few weeks (which I am assuming), and that mistakes were made by both sides (which it appears), and the students were on the plan in the past, just keep them on. It's only vision and dental.

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