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Severance Pay Plan

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I'm new to this plan so I would appreciate your experience with this.

I have a new severance pay plan, effective 1/1/2012, for a large company. The assets of the severance pay plan will remain a part of the general assets of the company, NO Trust.

What do I file with the Form 5500?

There are no insurance contracts, so no Schedule A.

There is no Trust, so no Schedule H.

Do I file Form 5500 without any attachments?

How do you count participants?

All officers and non-officers working more than 14 hours are eligible.

This would put them over the 100 threshold by counting eligible employees.

In a welfare benefit plan, you count actual participants on the first day of the plan year.

How/what do you count in a severance pay plan?

Thanking you for any help and guidance.

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