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No 5500's filed, no wrap plan

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Company of 300 ee has 3 medical and 1 dental plans. Never knew they needed to file 5500's. In order to save dfvc penalties, would be nice to file as 1 wrap plan. Can such a document be prepared now to cover prior years in order to process these filings? We dont even know how far back to go.

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Guest Stevecpa

I've actually done a retroactive effective date wrap document one time, with no backdating, to minimize the penalties before they were reduced. In addition, I've had several clients file one 5500 as though they had a wrap document. We implemented a prospective plan for them without amending prior years.

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Guest matthew222

I agree. Retro 5500's can be performed. I don't know all the rules on penalties, so perhaps talk to this colleague of mine:

Iris Thill

Benefits Compliance Consultants

Office: (515) 244-2424

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