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Benefit Enrollment Systems - suggestions

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I'm with a company that has just over 500 employees and I am looking for a new Benefits Enrollment/Management system. Currently, I am using Oracle, but it is just painful both for the employees and administrators.

Was wondering if anyone had suggestions. I did a demo of the Benefit Focus system and really liked it, but they recently made a decision to stay away from companies with less than 1000 employees. Any suggestions....here is a wish list of features:

- We are international, hace employees in several countries. Would like to be able to assign different benefit / workflows for different employee groups.

- We are also self insured with self bill, would like the system or provider to handle billing and reconciliation.

- Carrier enrollment....at least for US, I would like the system to pass enrollment info directly to carriers on a weekly basis.

- Easily pass employee benefit costs to ADP.

- Easily pass employee costs to Oracle (I cant get rid of ORacle completely, it is an enterprise wide system.


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