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Required Amendments

Dawn Hafner

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Can someone summarize for me the amendment requirements for cafeteria plans? Will all cafeteria plans have to be restated by 12/31/98 for the "change in family status" regulations? What if the plan refers to "any other event as listed in the regulations" as a life event, then would amendment be necessary?

What other law changes have an effect on cafeteria plan documents - SBJPA, USSERA, TRA '97, GATT? Thanks.

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Whether Plan Docs need revised or not depends on how specific they are. Plan docs should be reviewed and if they are extremely specific on for example listing all "family change of status" events then they probably need revised to properly reflect the new "change of Status" definitions. It is probably better to be more general in the wording of the docs when they are adopted. Regardless of laws changes, it is a good idea to reveiw plan docs at least annually to insure complaince and continuing fit to corporate needs, that is what we do with our clients.

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