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Cafe Plan Administration Software

Guest Vern

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I am looking for some recomendations on administration software. I would prefer software written for windows vs dos software. If you wouldn't mind letting me know what you use,why you like it and how I can contact the company marketing it, please let me know. My email address is CDS@Willmar.com

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I have used two cafeteria plan systems since I started working with Sec. 125 plans. I have used FlexPlus by Datair and Cafeteria Management Systems by Mayer Hoffman McCann. Personally I like the FlexPlus system the best because it is more user friendly, but unfortunately both of the systems are DOS based.

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Michelle, thanks for the kind words.

FYI, DATAIR's FlexPlus system is currently being rewritten entirely for Windows. Many, many new features. Availability is late 1998, very early 1999.

Vern, you can contact DATAIR at www.datair.com, sales@datair.com, or (630)325-2600.

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