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Member 'reputation' stats are back

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That's a pre-programmed feature of the software -- if you click on the number, you can see the sum of the "like" and "laugh" and "thanks" reactions that have been added by other members to all of the messages you've posted to date.

(Those are the "heart", "smiley face," and "trophy" icons in the lower right corner of each message, which other members can click on.)

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The member reputation stat was lost during a recent upgrade, meaning it was no longer appearing under the member's name (in any message posted by the member).

I've done some rewiring, and it's back now.

Sure sorry for the unexpected change. I hate it when an upgrade causes some existing tool on the message boards to disappear or to be moved to a new location.

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  • Dave Baker changed the title to Member 'reputation' stats are back

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