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When HIPAA took effect, did the "look-back" period that could extend up to 12 months, change to only 6 months? E.g. The plan that I am on looked back 1 year for pre-existing conditions. With HIPAA is the llok back limited to only 6 months?

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HIPAA exception was grated for most Health FSAs in December 1997. Therefore, this quetion may be more appropriately posted on the Health plans message board.

I did look up the basic information forwarded when HIPAA was enacted and what it said reference to your question was:

"With certain exceptions, (the effective date is delayed for certain collective bargained palns.) effective the first plan year beginning on or after July 1, 1997, pre-existing condition exclusions: i) are limited to conditions for which medical advice, diagnosis, care or treatment was received within six months prior to the enrollment date (for this porpose enrollment date means the earlier of the effective date of the coverage or the beginning of any applicable waiting period); ii) cannnot apply to pregnancy-related expenses; iii) are limited to 12 months (18 for late enrollees)..."

The 12 month period is the "look forward period for the exclusion.

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