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Quarterly Employer contribution calculations


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We have a large client that funds safe harbor non-elective and profit sharing quarterly. So we make YTD calculations in Relius with pre-determined PS contribution rates for a couple classes and have the net cost determined by reducing for prior quarterly allocations.  Getting it then into Ascensus format is a feat for 250 participants.  Data entry routine I suppose could possibly work or just hand key, or cut and paste.  It will be trued-up for the last quarter after the end of the year since the HCE PS rate is estimated on the low side during the year for discrimination testing purposes.

As an alternative we will attempt to have the client code employees in Paycor for SH % and PS% for those eligible and have a file created by Paycor that can be uploaded to Ascensus automatically each pay period.  Sounds idealistic and likely to take an act of God for the plan sponsor and Paycor to get done. The plan sponsor wants to automate the contribution process and wants contributions to go in dollar cost averaging each pay period. (Did I say it is a large group of doctors?)

Anyone doing anything remotely like this?  

Thanks for any comments

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Bagwell - I hear that about employment. I'd like them to find another TPA but it's our accounting firm's biggest client (dozens of doctors)and so we have to do whatever they ask.  Out TPA service is a small part of our firm and so we can't wag the dog.   They have a DB plan as well and PS has no allocation conditions.  So if someone terminates and they have already received some PS, that is what they get allocated, subject anything more that might be needed for testing.  generally yes it is a pain of a client.  (Did I mention they allow for brokerage accounts?)

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