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Hartford Mass 2022 Data from Empower

Beau Dameron

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I have been trying to work with Empower regarding the first half of the 2022 year when plan assets were still at Mass Mutual from the previous Hartford platform.  The data they provide is only available as a .txt file, and changing the extension to a .dat file does not work.  Relius gives an import error stating that “Fatal error in The Hartford link.  Incorrect file format.  Fixed position file with linefeed only must be used."  They have stated that the extension change should work (it doesn't), and that because the data is from another company (which they bought), they "cannot convert files obtained from another company."  Outside of manually entering all the transactions for the first half of 2022, has anyone found a way to import this data correctly?

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We use Ft William and need a csv file for importing.  I've been able to open the MM/Empower txt file and save it as a csv and import it into our system.

It's been a long time since I worked with Relius so I don't know if you can save or convert the text file to a dat file.

I would suggest contacting Relius support and/or Empower for the solution.  There must be one.

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