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Looking for resource/treatise with comparison between SAR's, Phantom Stock and other restricted stop options

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Anyone have a good resource they use that shows to side-by-side comparison with SAR's, Phantom stock other RSO's and non-qualified executive compensation packages that will include tax consequences for employees and employers, limitations if any, along with necessary documentation (plan documents, corporate resolutions other


Or a company that can assist in creating the above.

Thank you in advance.

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Try Bloomberg BNA Portfolio 393 Executive Compensation-Practical Guide.  Lots of Worksheets (42) that might be useful, especially Worksheet 17 which compares equity plans. 393 ties you to other relevant Portfolios too for deeper dives and their other Worksheets.

Two boutique executive comp and benefits consulting organizations that I believe could help you with presentation, documentation etc. are Executive Benefit Solutions (EBS) or OneDigital Executive Consulting.. Bigger consulting firms, like Mercer, do these executive projects too, but tend to be more expensive for comprehensive projects.  Some firms charge fee only, some are reduced fee and commission (to the extent investment products may be placed in connection with plans).  Find out up front and decide what works best for the client if you decide you need significant consulting firm support.  

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