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Terminated plan filing


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I'm sure this is easy but want to confirm anyway -

5500-SF filer - pooled fund plan - termed 10/31/2022.  Participants were notified and paid out/rolled over in late December.  Plan has a very small balance at the end of 2022 due to residual earnings that will be disbursed to participants in early 2023. 

As far as Part VII; question 13 -  13a is "yes" and "0.00" reverted - I assume that for 13b "Were all the plan assets distributed..."  the answer is "no" because the final residual payouts have not yet been completed?  It strikes me that answering "no" might create issues although I can't for sure say why I think that.  Reading to much into it I suppose - i.e. you termed the plan but didn't pay out yet?  why is that?  

Of course that question will be marked "yes" on the final 2023 filing.


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I assume the 2022 filing also did not check the box that it was the final filing.  If final filing is checked and there is an ending balance on the financial schedule, it could trigger an edit and possibly an inquiry.  There should be no issue answering no to the "all assets distributed" question if the final filing box is not checked and a balance is reported.

Plans essentially have a year to get all of the assets paid out, so it is not uncommon for a plan to have assets at the end of the year in which the termination occurred.

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