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Can you change from 5500-SF to 5500-EZ for final filing

R. Butler

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Sole owner dies in 2022.  Business had participants other than the owner so 5500-SF had been filed in all years.  By the end of 2022 all assets had been distributed except for the deceased owner's.  They have a final filing for 2023, do they file a 5500-EZ or continue with the 5500-SF?  

Thanks for any guidance.

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I had this same situation occur about three years ago with a client (one owner, three employees, safe harbor 401k plan).  Plan terminated, and one remaining filing year existed, with only the owner's assets.  I had the same concern, "which 5500 version to file."  I conversed with a technical agent at DOL EBSA, but I had first come to the conclusion stated by RatherBeGolfing.  The agent, however, said that the client must file an SF, not an EZ.  I realize that an agent is not a reliable substitute for research, but since I saw this post and had the exact same situation arise, thought I would add to the conversation.   

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