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Relius Years w/ 500 hours


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We are amending a lot of plans to have 500 hours of service instead of 1,000 hours to avoid the LTPT rules. Vesting will remain at 1,000.  I want to be able to accumulate and track how many plan years a participant has 500 hours of service (so same approach as vesting, just with 500).   That's an easy way for us to review eligiblity for accuracy because we see for exaple who never hit 500 hours of service.

Anyone have a suggestion for which field to use for that?  The LTPT fields do not turn on unless the person is ineligible for the plan.  The "Service" figure on the "Service Tab" (so the first one) seems like my number one contender but it seems to impact the determination of otherwise excludables (it codes people as OE's too early).  Curious if others are thinking ahead on this or have other thoughts.

Austin Powers, CPA, QPA, ERPA

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