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September 21, 2022

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Basically created a topic in 401(k) Plans

Construction Company -- Employees Terminate and Then Come Back -- Repayment Options?

"New plan last year. Getting a feel for the business. 2 employees have recently terminated. The office manager said that sometimes these guys quit but come back later. Plan is a SH match. Payout is immediate. I can make sure they are whole with regards to the SH match so their payout is complete and final. But what if they come back? There would be no forfeiture because it's a SH plan and everything is 100% vested. They could put their money back if it is within 60 days (right?). If they come back before a year has passed there is no break in service so they would be come back in immediately. Am I good with regards to my understanding?"

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AJC created a topic in Retirement Plans in General

Any Reliable and Comprehensive Guide to In-Plan Roth Conversions?

"I'm looking for a well-written guide to in-plan Roth conversions, assuming there is such a thing available. All comments/suggestions appreciated."

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HCE created a topic in Defined Benefit Plans, Including Cash Balance

Participant Elects a Lump Sum from DB Plan at Retirement But Dies Before Payment

"We had a participant in our pension plan elect a lump sum. However, he died prior to the benefit commencement date. Do we still pay out the benefit in the same lump sum amount elected (to the surviving spouse), or should it be recalculated as a death benefit (which would result in a lower amount to the surviving spouse)?"

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M Norton created a topic in Operating a TPA or Consulting Firm

Share a Sample of Your Engagement Letter for TPA Work?

"We are part of a CPA firm. Our department provides TPA services for tax and business clients of the firm as well as for plan sponsors who do not use our firm for non-retirement-plan services. We use an engagement letter specifically for the TPA services. It'as been several years since our engagement letter has been modified. If you use an engagement letter for TPA services, would you be willing to share a sample?"

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mctoe created a topic in Governmental Plans

414(h)(2) Death Benefit -- Payment of the Employer Pick Up to Survivor Under Public Safety Officer Plan

"Public Safety Officer dies during the performance of duties. Surviving spouse is entitled to certain death benefits. One such benefit is the value of the decendent's 414(h)(2) balance (employer pick up). This specific benefit is provided to the spouse as a lump sum. Any thoughts on the federal taxation to the surviving spouse regarding the lump sum?"

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Bird created a topic in Retirement Plans in General

Participant Fee Disclosures in SPD

"How do others handle disclosure of fees for distributions and such in the SPD? In great detail, not at all, or with an addendum?

ftwilliam gives us an option to use an addendum but then we still have to go into detail. Can we just say 'refer to the fee disclosure document?' -- I'm referring to plans that are on a recordkeeping platform where distribution fees are typically deducted from a participant's account, per participant fees for ongoing services, etc., and they prepare a fee disclosure document.

It's such a pain to keep track of the different fees with different recordkeepers, and then our fees might be different by plan, and God forbid anything should change and you have to do an SMM or new SPD."

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