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April 2, 2002 - 6,435 subscribers
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Most Small Employers Dissatisfied with Cost of Health Care and Insurance
From a new 'National Survey of Small Businesses.' Excerpt: "A new survey finds that two-thirds of small employers say that they are dissatisfied with the cost of health care and health insurance, and about one-third of small businesses that now offer insurance say they are likely to increase the share of costs borne by employees in the next year." (Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation)

Promoting Health for a Culturally Diverse Workforce
Excerpt: "Research in the past few decades has revealed striking differences between majority and minority groups in the health care system, regardless of economic or health insurance status. As America's workforce becomes more diverse, WBGH is exploring ways in which employers can become involved in this issue to ensure the health and productivity of all its employees." (Washington Business Group on Health)

Facts From EBRI: History of Health Insurance Benefits in a Nutshell
Excerpt: "Employment-based health benefit programs have existed in the United States for more than 100 years.... Below is a compilation of key dates in the history of health insurance benefits as they have evolved in the United States." (Employee Benefit Research Institute)

Accommodating Older Workers
Excerpt: "To combat this looming [labor] shortage, HR professionals must begin to craft policies and programs that not only make older people want to stay with a company, but also make it easier for them to do so. These include such things as: ..." (Workforce Online)

Welcome to new BenefitsLink advertiser ProBusiness Services, Inc.
Excerpt: "ProBusiness' Comprehensive Outsourcing offers employee inquiry management and administration for payroll, HR, benefits, and time & attendance, in addition to our traditional processing services of Payroll, Payroll tax, HR services, benefits administration (COBRA, FSA, health & welfare), and Web self-service. Visit www.probusiness.com today for more information."

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Executive Compensation Year in Review (2001) (PDF)
Excerpt: "The following is a review of key accounting, legislative and regulatory developments of 2001 that impact the field of executive compensation. Additional details for each of these summaries may be found in corresponding 'alert' letters on our website at www.fwcook.com." (Frederic W. Cook & Co., Inc.)

Opinion: Requiring Companies to Treat Stock Options as Charge to Bottom Line is Misguided
Excerpt: "Whereas Enron insiders may have wildly profited from what appears to be illegal and undisclosed self dealing, the lack of disclosure had nothing to do with its granting of stock options.... By throwing out stock options along with the Enron bathwater, we put at risk one of the most potent fuels for our economy's growth engine for the past decade." (Les Trachtman of Transcentive, Inc., published by the Foundation for Enterprise Development)

Lieberman Suggests Tax Incentives for Companies to Broaden Employee Stock Issues
Excerpt: "The senator said that currently the majority of stock options issued by corporate America goes to top managers. With the proposed tax incentives, at least 50% of the issuance should go to employees, he said. Meantime, he said other tax benefits should also be developed to encourage managers and employees to hold their options longer." (Dow Jones Business News via Yahoo! News)

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Conversion and Trading Analyst for Invesmart
in PA
Health & Welfare Operations Manager for Ceridian
in FL
Retirement Plan Consultant for Invesmart
in MA

Newly Posted Conferences (Post Yours!)
2002 PenServ Academy Seriesin TX on April 23, 2002
presented by PenServ Inc.
2002 PenServ Academy Seriesin TX on July 9, 2002
presented by PenServ Inc.

Newly Posted Press Releases
NuView Systems, Inc. Appoints James McAuliffe As Chief Operations Officer (NuView Systems, Inc.)

Newly Posted Announcements of Promotions and New Personnel (Post Yours!)
Robert W. Lemke (Creative Strategies, Inc.)

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