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June 21, 2021

2 New Job Opportunities


Case Study: Communicating a Voluntary Early Retirement Program

"Since the pandemic turned all of our lives upside down last year, we've seen an uptick in [employers] seeking creative ways to trim organizational costs while minimizing the negative impact on employees ... Voluntary early retirement programs can offer a win-win situation for employers and employees alike, giving employees nearing retirement a financial incentive to leave early while achieving a reduction in labor cost for employers."  MORE >>


DB Plan Sponsors Shouldn't Fear Investing in Real Assets

"Real assets reduce the overall volatility of a portfolio, introduce more efficiency and improve risk-adjusted returns.... The amount DB plans invest in real assets is in part based on the size of their cash obligations.... Real asset constructs should include an array of strategies, spanning traditional and specialist mandates, and be inclusive of different liquidity terms and/or capital lock-ups."  MORE >>

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Maine Poised to Offer State-Run Retirement Program

"The measure would require each covered employer to allow its covered employees to decide whether or not to contribute to a payroll deduction Roth IRA by automatically enrolling them but with the opportunity to opt out.... [C]overed employees who opted out would be automatically reenrolled at regular intervals but have the opportunity to opt out again."  MORE >>

American Retirement Association [ARA]

New Jersey May Allow Some Workers Back Into Pension System, a Decade After They Were Removed

"[As] the state ramps up its contribution to a system that's underfunded by tens of billions of dollars, it's also considering restoring eligibility to some public employees -- state and county prosecutors, administrative law judges and workers compensation judges -- after new hires were taken out of the system more than 10 years ago to lighten the financial burden."  MORE >>


Retirees: If You Love Income, You Should Love Cash Flow Even More

"Current conditions reinforce what has been growing apparent for the past several decades: Rather than chasing ever-shrinking income sources -- and risk under-diversifying and courting extra volatility in the process -- retirees should focus on generating cash flow in retirement instead.... This grouping includes Social Security ... income from working ... income from passive non-portfolio sources such as property rentals or royalties ... [and] cash values on life insurance as well as reverse mortgages."  MORE >>


How Can We Retire Early Without Paying So Much in Taxes?

"Is it worth just paying the 10% penalty on early withdrawals versus paying tax and converting a large amount of the former 401(k) plans to a Roth? My company does allow withdrawals through the rule of 55 but you have to withdraw it all and I know I don't want that tax liability."  MORE >>

The Madison Leader Gazette

Employee Benefits Jobs

View job as Defined Benefit Retirement Plan Administrator
for Benefit Associates, Inc. Defined Benefit Retirement Plan Administrator

Benefit Associates, Inc.

Telecommute / Huntington Beach CA

View job as Defined Benefit Retirement Plan Administrator
for Benefit Associates, Inc.

View job as 3(16) Account Administrator
for Pentegra 3(16) Account Administrator



Selected New Discussions

Successor Plan Rules as Applied to a One-Participant Plan

"I have a scenario where a one-participant plan recently terminated their plan and is hoping to start a new 401k plan. Do the successor plan rules apply here and must the client wait 12 months before establishing the new 401k plan?"

BenefitsLink Message Boards

New Hardship Rules -- No Need to Ask for Proof of Eligibility?

"With all the new hardship distribution rules, is anyone still advising the Plan Administrator to get proof of hardship, in case of a future plan audit?"

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Press Releases

TRA Completes Acquisition of Total Retirement Solutions, Inc.

The Retirement Advantage [TRA]

Webcasts and Conferences
(Retirement Plans or Exec Comp)

Pension Plan Termination Readiness

June 29, 2021 WEBCAST


Legal Ethics in Employee Benefits: The Fiduciary Exception and Other Practice Dilemmas

August 19, 2021 WEBCAST

American Law Institute Continuing Legal Education Group [ALI CLE]

Employee Benefit Plans of Tax-Exempt and Governmental Employers 2021

September 30, 2021 WEBCAST

American Law Institute Continuing Legal Education Group [ALI CLE]

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