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December 29, 2021

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Church Plan Litigation: Out of the ERISA Woods Into the State Law Forest

"A recent slip opinion in a case involving a church plan maintained by a hospital in upstate New York reminds us that being a non-ERISA plan brings its own set of challenges because state law is not preempted. In particular, the case illustrates that, if a church plan starts to fail to pay benefits, its sponsor -- as well as related entities such as the church it is controlled by or associated with -- may find themselves subject to various pension-related claims under state law." [Hartshorne v. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany, New York, 2021 NY Slip Op. 07329 (3rd App. Div., Dec. 23, 2021)]  MORE >>

Groom Law Group

Process Prevails in ERISA Excessive Fee Victories

"California and North Carolina district courts have dismissed major class action challenges to AT&T and Lowe's 401(k) plan recordkeeping fees based on extensive step-by-step documentation that the plan fiduciaries acted prudently in monitoring the plan's recordkeeping expenses. These cases provide a useful guide for the type of evidence needed in ERISA breach of fiduciary claims and likely variants." [Alas v. AT&T Services, Inc., No. 17-8106 (C.D. Cal. Sep. 28, 2021); Reetz v. Lowe's Companies, Inc.; Administrative Committee of Lowe's Companies, Inc. and Aon Hewitt Investment Consulting, Inc., No. 18-075 (W.D.N.C. Oct. 12, 2021)]  MORE >>

Greenberg Traurig

Plaintiffs Allege ERISA Breach by Chicago ESOP Consultant

"Retirement plan participants invested in the West Monroe [ESOP] allege that plan fiduciaries improperly appraised the company at a deflated valuation that undervalued employees' shares." [Daly v. West Monroe Partners, Inc., No. 21-6805 (N.D. Ill. complaint filed Dec. 22, 2021)]  MORE >>

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Questions for DC Plan Sponsors Heading Into 2022

"[1] Are you crunching the numbers and considering the data? ... [2] Are you keeping up with investment product evolution? ... [3] How are you managing fiduciary responsibilities? ... [4] Is growth within the DC retirement space a problem? ... [5] How will legislation and regulation affect your plan in 2022?"  MORE >>

American Retirement Association [ARA]

Transitioning from DB to DC: What Plan Sponsors Need to Know

"In the 2011 Employee Benefits Survey, 57% of responding organizations offered a DB pension plan. By 2020, that figure had fallen to 40%, driven primarily by a decrease from corporate/single-employer respondents (from 35% in 2011 to 19% in 2020).... Given this trend, it is becoming increasingly important to offer a variety of financial/retirement planning benefits to ensure that your plan participants are making informed decisions to ensure adequate retirement security."  MORE >>

International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans [IFEBP]

Nearing Retirement? Ditch 'Hidden' 401(k) Fees

"If you're 59½ or older, and your employer's plan allows it, which most do, you can move your balance directly from your 401(k) to an IRA and enjoy several potential benefits, including: More control.... More investment choices.... It may make it easier to do a Roth conversion.  ... You can still contribute new money to your 401(k)."  MORE >>


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Selected New Discussions

Lump Sum When Normal Form Isn't Life and There's a Table of....

"Plan has its own table to convert the normal form of '10 years certain + life' to other forms, including single life annuity. For IRC section 417 purposes, do I do the lump sum first by: [1] Convert 10cc to life via the plan factors, and then convert the life amount to lump at 417 rates, or [2] Convert 10cc to lump sum with 417e factors, but convert 10cc to life separately with plan factors (even though the lump sum value of that life annuity would be different)? I assume the plan's AE factors aren't going to override 417 minimums.

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