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November 10, 2022

6 New Job Opportunities 6 New Job Opportunities


[Guidance Overview]

Upcoming Deadline icon Are You Ready for District of Columbia's Transportation Benefits Equity Law?

"By January 15, 2023, or the end of their parking lease, whichever is later, 'Covered Employers' with at least 20 D.C. employees that offer free or subsidized leased parking benefits must ... [adopt] one of the following 'Parking Cash Out Options': [1] Offer a clean air transportation fringe benefit ... [2] Transportation demand management plan ... [3] Clean air compliance fee ... Reporting Requirements ... Exemptions."  MORE >>

Jackson Lewis P.C.

The Inevitable Healthcare Inflation Lag and Strategies to Mitigate

"Although there may be some inflationary pressure on current healthcare costs, the employers' claims data revealed the increases are primarily due to a surge in plan members seeking health-related services they avoided during the pandemic ... and the continued rise of specialty pharmacy costs.... [T]his past year's healthcare costs have been 'fixed' based on prior contracting, thus healthcare inflation has not been factored into today's rates and will be significant as new contracts are negotiated over the next few years."  MORE >>


Evaluating Your Health Plan’s Diabetes Coverage

"One in four health care dollars spent is either directly or indirectly related to diabetes ... [1] Examine the current plan.... [2] Analyze data on diabetes direct plan costs ... [3] Examine indirect costs data ... [4] Simulate the impact of the following plan design options."  MORE >>

International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans [IFEBP]

Health Insurance Is Influencing Americans' Job Choices

"More than 31% of people with employer-sponsored insurance stuck with a job they disliked for the company's health insurance ... Another 8% of respondents left a job they liked to seek better coverage."  MORE >>

MedCity News

Things You Might Have Wrong About the Self-Funded Health Insurance Market

"In the current employee benefits environment, with a tight labor market and rising healthcare costs, self-funding can be a considerable option, particularly for those looking for more control over benefits and costs.... Misconception one: It is only for large employers or corporations.... Misconception two: It's too expensive or there's too much risk.... Misconception three: Coverage isn't the same.... Misconception four: It's too complex."  MORE >>

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Benefits in General

How to Prevent Inflation Worries from Impacting Employee Retirement

"[1] Financial advice & guidance.... [2] Student loan assistance.... [3] Health savings accounts (HSAs).... [4] Auto-enrollment and employer retirement matching."  MORE >>

VOYA Financial

Employee Benefits Jobs

View job as Defined Contribution Administrator
            for PACETPA

Defined Contribution Administrator


Remote / Madera CA

View job as Defined Contribution Administrator for PACETPA

View job as DC Plan Administrator
            for Actuaries Unlimited, Inc.

DC Plan Administrator

Actuaries Unlimited, Inc.


View job as DC Plan Administrator for Actuaries Unlimited, Inc.

View job as Quality Assurance Manager
            for Nova 401(k) Associates

Quality Assurance Manager

Nova 401(k) Associates


View job as Quality Assurance Manager for Nova 401(k) Associates

View job as Senior 401(k) Administrator
            for Nova 401(k) Associates

Senior 401(k) Administrator

Nova 401(k) Associates


View job as Senior 401(k) Administrator for Nova 401(k) Associates

View job as Director of Transactions (Managerial)
            for MAP Retirement

Director of Transactions (Managerial)

MAP Retirement


View job as Director of Transactions (Managerial) for MAP Retirement

View job as Retirement Administration - Testing Specialist
            for Ascensus

Retirement Administration - Testing Specialist



View job as Retirement Administration - Testing Specialist for Ascensus

Selected New Discussions

Different Corporation Wants to Take Over Sponsorsip of Existing Cafeteria Plan

"If a corporation (A) changes name, entity type, and gets a new EIN for the new corporation (B), is there any reason why (B) can't assume the assets/liabilities of the existing corporation (A) Section 125 plan, similar to what often occurs in the qualified plan world? I don't see why not, although Section 125 and the 125 regs don't appear to address this. But there is some info in RR 2002-32. With all the mergers/transactions going on, I assume this happens all the time. Comments?"

BenefitsLink Message Boards

Choose Between Cash or PTO Bank: Constructive Receipt Issue Goes Away with a 'Haircut'?

"I have a client who allows its employees to make a choice about cashing out their PTO bank or accruing additional time. This no doubt triggers the constructive receipt doctrine. Is it possible to use a haircut provision of 10% as a 'substantial limitation' to work around the constructive receipt issue? I know that these provisions were common in deferred compensation arrangements pre-409A. However, I don't believe the IRS ever explicitly accepted the haircut approach but after losing several court battles opted for a non-enforcement approach. As such, I am inclined to advise them against using a haircut provision."

BenefitsLink Message Boards

Press Releases

Lynn Young of Pinnacle Plan Design Receives Two Prestigious Industry Awards

Pinnacle Plan Design

Voya Adds Private Equity Investment Option to Its Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Offeri

Voya Financial

Webcasts and Conferences
(Health & Welfare Plans)

The New Hampshire Paid Family & Medical Leave Plan Starts January 2023

December 8, 2022 WEBCAST

Jackson Lewis LLP

Navigating Murky Waters: Ethics for ERISA and Executive Compensation Lawyers

December 13, 2022 WEBCAST

American Bar Association [ABA]

Last Issue's Most Popular Items

HSA Tax Benefits for Parents with Adult Children Under 26

Nerd's Eye View

Want Employees to Come to the Office? Pick Up Their Laundry and Welcome Their Dogs

Portland Press Herald

California Requires Grant of Leave to Care for an Employee's 'Designated Person'

ArentFox Schiff LLP

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