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June 6, 2023

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[Guidance Overview]

CRS In Focus: The Federal Employee Paid Parental Leave Benefit

"This In Focus provides an overview of the federal employee paid parental leave benefit created by the Federal Employee Paid Leave Act (FEPLA) ... The benefit is available to most civilian federal employees and allows for the substitution of up to 12 weeks of paid parental leave (PPL) for unpaid leave guaranteed by the [FMLA], which can be used for the arrival of the employee's new child by birth, adoption, or foster care placement and for bonding with that child." [IF12420 Jun. 5, 2023]  MORE >>

Congressional Research Service [CRS]

[Guidance Overview]

Massachusetts Division of Insurance Provides Special Enrollment Period for Loss of COBRA Coverage

"In response to the anticipated ending of the outbreak period on July 10, 2023, the Massachusetts Division of Insurance, on April 10, 2023, issued Special Bulletin 2023-09 to ... commercial health insurers, to address the implications of the ending of the National Emergency with respect to COBRA.... This Bulletin does not apply to self-insured group health plans, and it is still too early to determine the extent to which regulators in other jurisdictions will take similar action."  MORE >>

The Wagner Law Group

[Guidance Overview]

What Employers Need to Know About Illinois' New Paid Leave Laws

"Illinois has enacted or effectuated two new paid leave requirements ... [1] the Illinois Family Bereavement Leave Act (IFBLA), which provides leave in connection with the death of a family member, including time off following miscarriages, unsuccessful rounds of fertility treatments, a failed fertility treatments and stillbirths; and the [2] Paid Leave for All Workers Act (PLAWA), which provides paid leave for any reason. IFBLA went into effect on January 1, 2023, while PLAWA does not go into effect until January 1, 2024."  MORE >>

McDonald Hopkins

[Guidance Overview]

Colorado Expands Reasons Employees Can Use Paid Sick Leave

"[E]mployees may now access paid leave for qualifying bereavement and natural disaster-related reasons.... When the new law takes effect on August 7, 2023, employees will be able to use accrued sick pay for these additional reasons. Colorado employers must also notify employees of their right to take paid leave under the HFWA, including the reasons for which employees can take such leave."  MORE >>


Court Allows Breach of Contract Claims Involving Alleged HIPAA Business Associate Agreement Violations to Proceed

"The litigation resulted after the covered entity's confidential data, which included protected health information (PHI), maintained on a service provider's obsolete server was impermissibly accessed by a third party." [Aspen Am. Ins. Co. v. Blackbaud, Inc., No. 22-0044 (N.D. Ind. May 31, 2023)]  MORE >>

Thomson Reuters Practical Law

Employers' New Decision Point: Whether to Cover Expensive Weight Loss Drugs

"Drugs such as Ozempic are extremely pricey, on average costing more than $1,000 per month.... [A] significant number of employees may want to use the drug -- which would substantially hike drug costs for employers. Plus, the drugs are not designed for short-term use. Studies show the weight will stay off only on continuation of the drugs, pointing to a long-term commitment for employers -- and a much higher price tag."  MORE >>

Society for Human Resource Management [SHRM]; membership may be required to view article

Captive Health Insurance and Prescription Drug Costs

"Employers and consultants must [1] engage in conversation about prescription drugs, hold proactive and meaningful conversations with Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) concerning the goals of health plans, and then measure performance to those goals.... [2] Use an aggressive quantity-fill program for specialty medications ... [3] Implement plan language to take advantage of manufacturer and foundation financial support ... [4] Implement a program tied to your refill process that manages the members' adherence to the prescribed drug."  MORE >>

Assured Partners

How Employers Can Help Employees Who Are Delaying Necessary or Preventive Care

"Ask why employees are delaying care.... Acknowledge the impact of mental health.  ... Improve access to care where barriers exist.  ... Create a culture that encourages receiving care.  ... Address the lack of available appointments."  MORE >>

Society for Human Resource Management [SHRM]; membership may be required to view article

An Early Look at What Drove 2022's Health Care Spending Slowdown

"[This article uses Altarum's monthly Health Sector Economic Indicators (HSEI)] data to analyze 2022 health spending, break down trends by payer and by price/utilization components, and compare the health spending totals to what health spending was forecasted to be based on prior CMS projections."  MORE >>

Health Affairs Forefront

Things to Know About Employer-Provided Coverage (PDF)

"[1] Over 180 million Americans served ... [2] Americans like their employer-provided coverage ... [3] Affordable and accessible care ... [4] Access to mental health support ... [5] Increased access to care through telehealth ... [6] Health & financial security through supplemental coverage ... [7] Protecting employer-provided coverage."  MORE >>

America's Health Insurance Plans [AHIP]

Benefits in General

The High Cost of Low Employee Benefits Engagement (And What You Can Do About It)

"Shifting to tactical steps to improve EX and retention  ... The importance of benefits education and awareness ... Examples of successful employee benefits communication tactics ... Boosting employee benefits engagement improves EX and retention."  MORE >>


Employee Benefits Jobs

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Senior Plan Administrator

The Pension Source

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Relationship Manager - FFA Retirement Services

Fulton Bank

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