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September 27, 2023

5 New Job Opportunities 5 New Job Opportunities


[Guidance Overview]

CRS Report: Paid Family and Medical Leave in the United States

47 pages. "This report provides an overview of PFML in the United States, summarizes state-level family and medical leave insurance program provisions, reviews PFML policies in other advanced-economy countries, and describes recent federal legislative action to increase access to paid family leave." [R44835 updated Sep. 25, 2023]  MORE >>

Congressional Research Service [CRS]

[Guidance Overview]

San Francisco Health Care Contribution Increasing for 2024

"Given the changes to employee demographics because of the pandemic, it's increasingly likely that employees who worked in San Francisco are now working somewhere else that may not be within the boundaries of the Ordinance ... Conversely, employers could also become subject to the HCSO if they have employees who telework and live in San Francisco or visit clients or provide services to companies located in San Francisco."  MORE >>

HUB International

A Mental Health Parity Win for Plaintiffs in Utah and Further Proof of a Turning Tide

"Plaintiffs argued that defendants violated the Parity Act because Anthem's internal guidelines permit discharging residential mental health patients at any time after their admittance, but only allow discharging medical/surgical patients 'after they are provided with a course of treatment and have completed [at least] two stages of their planned course of treatment.' The court agreed with plaintiffs both that these internal guidelines made a distinction between mental healthcare and other types of healthcare and these disparate discharge criteria violated the Parity Act." [K.D. v. Anthem Blue Cross, No. 21-0343(D. Utah Sep. 20, 2023)]  MORE >>

Kantor & Kantor

Fourth Circuit Focuses on Availability of Monetary Relief Under ERISA for Denied Heart Transplant

"Although at an early stage, the case provides several important takeaways for employer plan administrators. First, it underscores the importance of ensuring that group health plan claim reviews and appeals are conducted in accordance with ERISA and the plan terms and that external claim reviews are completed within the federally required timeframes. Additionally, it serves as a reminder that equitable relief under ERISA can potentially encompass monetary relief for plaintiffs, provided specific requirements are satisfied." [Rose v. PSA Airlines, Inc., No. 21-2207 (4th Cir. Sep. 11, 2023)]   MORE >>


Healthcare Benefits Offered at the Top U.S. Companies

"For a whopping 89% of the American workforce, health insurance is the most important benefit of work, according to a recent survey. With nearly 159 million Americans relying on employer-sponsored health coverage, [the authors] looked at what benefits the top five American companies offer to their employees."  MORE >>


Medicare Advantage and Medicare Prescription Drug Programs to Remain Stable in 2024

"[A]verage premiums, benefits, and plan choices for Medicare Advantage and the Medicare Part D prescription drug program will remain stable in 2024.... Enrollment in Medicare Advantage is projected to increase from 31.6 million in 2023 to 33.8 million in 2024. The projected Medicare Advantage enrollment in 2024 will represent approximately 50% of all people enrolled in Medicare, compared to approximately 48% for 2023.... [V]iew the premiums and costs of 2024 Medicare Advantage and Part D plans."  MORE >>

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services [CMS], U.S. Department of Health and Human Services [HHS]


Medicare Drug Prices: Why Should I Care?

"If Medicare is successful in lowering the cost of certain prescriptions, that means drug companies will be looking to recoup lost revenue elsewhere. And the most likely cost-shifting destinations may be the price of other drugs in general and/or specifically targeting commercial plans."  MORE >>

Chelko Center for Benefits Management

Employee Benefits Jobs

View job as Plan Document Specialist
            for MAP Retirement USA LLC

Plan Document Specialist

MAP Retirement USA LLC


View job as Plan Document Specialist for MAP Retirement USA LLC

View job as Account Manager
            for MAP Retirement USA, LLC

Account Manager

MAP Retirement USA, LLC


View job as Account Manager for MAP Retirement USA, LLC

View job as Pension Consultant
            for Pension Associates

Pension Consultant

Pension Associates

Remote / Stamford CT

View job as Pension Consultant for Pension Associates

View job as Sales Account Executive
            for PS Administrators

Sales Account Executive

PS Administrators


View job as Sales Account Executive for PS Administrators

View job as Benefits and Human Resources Officer
            for Northern Illinois Conference of The United Methodist Church

Benefits and Human Resources Officer

Northern Illinois Conference of The United Methodist Church

Chicago IL / Hybrid

View job as Benefits and Human Resources Officer for Northern Illinois Conference of The United Methodist Church

Selected New Discussions

Does Enrollment in VA Benefits Allow a Cafeteria Plan Election Change to Drop Coverage?

"Is there an election change event that would allow the employee who enrolled in VA benefits to drop employer coverage mid-year?"

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Press Releases

Flying Food Group Will Reimburse Health Plan Participants More Than $134k for Diagnostic Deductibles, Tobacco Surcharges, After Federal Investigation

Employee Benefits Security Administration [EBSA], U.S. Department of Labor

ICI Announces Lori Kearns as Retirement Security and Tax Policy Government Affairs Officer

Investment Company Institute

Frictionless Technology Integrations from Health-E Commerce® Simplify Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts, Improving Utilization and Satisfaction

Health-E Commerce

Webcasts and Conferences
(Health & Welfare Plans)

State of the Market: Insights into Rising Health Insurance Costs and Strategies for Small Employers



ERISA Class Actions


Duane Morris

HIPAA Training for Employers 2023

October 17, 2023 WEBINAR


The Behavioral Health Tech Conference

November 15, 2023 in AZ

Going Digital Health

Last Issue's Most Popular Items

Chicago Region Is Latest to Mandate Commuter Benefits

Willis Towers Watson

Preparing for Mental Health Parity Changes and Enforcement

Brown & Brown, Inc.

Employers Are Getting More Creative with Benefits

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