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Death Benefits

Guest FrankFunis

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Guest FrankFunis

A widowed friend made a claim for a death benefit with the State of California Her deceased husband had worked for the State of California for over 24 years.

Approximately 12 years ago, they took out a loan on the Plan to purchase a first home. Thereafter the husband worked for the State of California for 12 more years. He was terminated and then passed away 6 months later.

My widowed friend with two children is trying to make a claim. The agency has been very unhelpful in responding to her.

They only sent her a letter stating the loan caused her husband to move to a 2nd tier in the Plan and because he passed away greater than 4 months to this termination. there is no monies to distribute from his account. This does not sound accurate!!

The State refuses to gives us any plan information or details on how or why this happened. I would appreciate any help or information anyone could give me on the State of California pension plans(CALPERS) or any appeal process. Thank you!

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