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Retirees insurance eligibility notification

Guest famu92

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Guest famu92

F.S. 112.0805 Employer notice of insurance eligibility to employees who retire.--Any employer who provides insurance coverage under s. 110.123 or s. 112.0801 shall notify those employees who retire of their eligibility to participate in either the same group insurance plan or self-insurance plan as provided in ss. 110.123 and 112.0801, or the insurance coverage as provided by this law.

Question: Based on the above statute, when does the city have to inform the retiree regarding the insurance plan if a vested employee leaves a city and does not wish to start collecting pension at that time, and the city does not consider them to be a retiree until the time they do begin collecting pension? Can the city inform them at time of departure or must they also be informed at time they start collecting?

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