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Which GASB reports need to be prepared for a governmental DB plan?


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I'd suggest obtaining the "Implementation Guide to GASB Statements 25, 26, and 27" from GASB.org--as well as copies of Statements 25 and 27 (Reporting and Accounting for Governmental DB Plans.) Statement 26 is for post-retirement Health plans.

There are some good examples of the reporting and accounting in the Guide. We usually get by with a 5 or 6 page annual report for government plans.

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GAS 25 reporting is nowhere near as involved as FAS 87. You report on the basis of the plan's actuarial cost method--no need to use PUC, etc. GAS 27 accounting is a little complicated w/r/t the net pension obligation--but follow the examples in the Implementation Guide and you won't have any trouble

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