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Retirement Plans for Indian Tribe Operations

Guest JD Colville

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Guest JD Colville

Does anyone have any experience that they would be willng to share regarding what kind of retirement plans an Indian Tribe can establish and the applicable rules for its establishment? The specific question relates to an Indian Tribe run casino which is part of the overall operation of the Indian Tribe. It is my understanding that the Indian Tribe does not pay taxes on the profits from the casino operation, but that the employees of the casino do pay taxes and receive a W-2. The Indian Tribe runs the casino itself and does not franchise the operation to another entity.If the Indian Tribe can establish a qualified plan for its employees, will there be a coverage problem if other employees of the Indian Tribe in other endeavors are not covered or does it fit under some type of exemption such as a governmental exemption?

I apologize in advance if this is an inappropriate topic for this forum. I was not certain where to put the question, and the people responding to the questions on this forum as well as the moderator are excellent. Thank you for any assistance you can render.JDC

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