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Extent of obligation of employer to furnish account information to participant or alternate payee

Guest Sparky

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My question is this: What is the obligation of an employer to furnish information about a participant's account to a participant or an alternate payee? Specifically: Is an employer obligated to try to determine the value of a participant's account as of a specific date(s) in the past (e.g., December 31, 1991?) Or, instead, does the employer only need to furnish the participant's current account balance (included vested and non-vested amounts and loan amount.)

The DoL QDRO publication that is available on the DoL website merely states that the employer must furnish individual benefit and account statements, or a statement of the participant's benefit entitlements.

It seems to me that the closest requirement would be ERISA Sec. 209, that pertains to record retention requirements. But what records is an employer required to maintain: The participant's accrued benefit; or the contribution history?

Any thoughts would be appreciated--thank you in advance for any suggestions.

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