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QDRO's and 457 Plans

Guest SandyB

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Guest SandyB

I was assigned 1/2 of a 457 Plan thru a QDRO. I would like to remove the funds from the 457 Plan but told I have no rights as an alternate payee. I'm not sure what action to take, what governs the decision? IRS, ERISA, the Plan, my QDRO? It is thru the State of Michigan. The Plan also states that a participant cannot sell or assign his funds in the 457. I thought the QDRO was an assignment. I also read an opinion by a CPA that earned or accrued income from a nonqualified plan could not be transferred. I'm so confused, all I want is my money. If I got it thru a QDRO shouldn't the plan have to follow QDRO rules? Can anyone help me, offer some answers. I would appreciate anything. Thank you. SandyB

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