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Terminating employment before vesting, options to keep 403(b) plan?

Guest xycid

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My company (a private university) has a 3-year cliff vesting, or as I was told 2 years and 1000 hours of service to be exact. I plan to terminate my employment after only 2 years and 2 months of service, and thus my 403(b) will be annulled and I will lose the money the university invested so far into my account. I'm looking to options to avoid this and was wondering if you could give me some advice on negotiation with the university. Do you think I have a chance to keep the account? If I'll be working part-time after I leave, would this keep my work history rolling and can I reach 2-year-1000-hours requirement then? Anything else I can do/tell to convince them to vest my account only after 2years and 2 months?

Overall, I'm leaving this job on very good terms and in fact has just been promoted. Do you think my manager can play a role in the discussions with HR?

thanks all in advance

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